Rock N Roll Chicago Training – Week 6

This has been a weird week.  Lots of things in my schedule caused me to move around my runs, and I just haven’t really been feeling it lately.  I did end the week with a fantastic run, so I’m looking forward to next week’s training.

Here’s how this week went down:

Monday: Planned – 5 miles, Actual – 0 miles.

Graduation day!!! Even though I technically finished all my classes in December of 2014 and already got my diploma in the mail, Emory only has one graduation a year.  So, I got to spend the day with my classmates celebrating 3 years of spending nights and weekends studying and going to class to get our MBAs.  It’s hard to believe that my grad school career is officially over!


IMG_20150511_104921800The graduation was outside and I had to be lined up by 7:15, so no morning run for me.  Since we were in the hot sun all day the last thing I wanted to do was run when we got home, so I took a rest day.

Tuesday: Planned – Cross Training.  Actual – 5 miles @ 10:54 pace.

I was supposed to meet Stephanie at the gym, but she wasn’t able to make it.  So, I decided to make up for the run I missed on Monday instead of cross training.  I ran and met my friend Christy, and we did 4 of the miles together.  It was HOT and I was struggling.  Luckily it started raining at the end….it was a great way to cool off!

Wednesday: Planned – 5 miles with speedwork, strength training, swimming.  Actual – 1 mile warmup, 4 x yasso 800s, .5 mile cool down.  45 minutes strength, 1 hour swimming.

Finally a day went as planned! I found a large, flat, and empty parking lot to do my speedwork in this week and it worked great! The Yasso 800s were HARD but I nailed them!! I ran each in the following times: 4:01, 4:04, 3:59, 4:00.  Yeah!!! I didn’t really want to go to strength after this because I was WIPED but I had a good workout.


After work, I had another swim lesson.  This class was combined with her other class, so we had a lot of people there.  We did some relay races, which we all know I loved because I love racing!!

Thursday: Planned – Cross Training, Actual – Rest Day

I was on call for jury duty but didn’t get called…whew! However, I had to take Skipper to the vet.  He had a little eye infection, poor baby.  The vet fixed him up though and I’m happy to report he’s feeling better now!

Since my swimming was an hour this week, I decided to count that as my cross training.  I really needed the rest day after such a hard day on Wednesday.

Friday: Planned – 5 miles.  Actual – 5 miles @ 10:35 pace.

I had an early morning at work, so I got up and did this run at 5am.  It was warm but overall, a nice run.

Saturday: Planned – 0 miles.  Actual – 0 miles.

I had to work on Saturday so I moved my long run to Sunday.  No running, which was weird!  Brian and I had a nice steak dinner out.

Sunday: Planned – 7 miles & yoga.  Actual – 7 miles @ 11:08 pace, 1 hour yoga for athletes.

I met Amy at the river for this run.  I was glad she was going the same pace as me this week.  We were both able to easily talk the whole time, which made the miles fly by.  I tried the new Plus for Nuun and really liked it!!!

That afternoon, we both went to Yoga for Athletes at Infinity Yoga.  I’ve been going to their Brookhaven location for a couple of months, and this weekend they opened a new studio in Dunwoody! All classes at the new location were free this weekend, so I was happy to get my normal class for no mooh-lah.  I really needed this class too, as I’ve been slacking on stretching and foam rolling this week.

Besides the craziness of my schedule and running this week, I’ve been trying to spend as much time with Brian as possible  He leaves for Boston in the morning, and he’ll be there through the end of July on a Co-Op at MIT.  I’m in a bit of denial that I won’t have him around this summer.  I think Skipper is going to miss him, too.


This week will be another crazy one, but exciting! I’m going to Chicago for work tomorrow, which means COOL WEATHER (upper 40s!) morning runs with Cyanne from RunStretchGo! For the long weekend, I’m going up to visit Brian in Boston.  It will be my first time visiting bean-town!  Of course, I have to do some running while I’m there, so I’ll be running the Boston Run to Remember 5 miler.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in cooler weather after doing speedwork the past few weeks.  I’d love to hit a 9:30 pace for the race, but we’ll see what the day brings.

How was your week?

Any suggestions of things we should do while I’m in Boston?

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    • Yes!!! The weather in Chicago was amazing and I’m SO EXCITED for this weekend in Boston!!!

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