Rock N Roll DC Half Marathon Training Week 1

Hello everyone and happy holidays!!!

This was my first week of training for the Rock N Rolling DC Half Marathon, which is March 11. It was a bit challenging juggling training with work and holiday travels, but I managed to get it in. Here’s how this week went:

Monday: 4 miles at 10:12 pace, 20 mins strength training.  It was chilly out, so I ran a little fast to warm up! I did my strength training at the gym over lunch. It was the first time I’d used the weight machines since last summer. I focused on legs and abs, and I knew I would be sore when I was done.

Tuesday: 4 miles at 10:11 pace over lunch. I was sore and tight, so this was a bit of a tough run. I was glad to do it in the daylight when it had warned up a bit!

Wednesday: 30 minutes stationary bike. oh gosh. I was so sore. I almost skipped this workout but just kept it super easy to loosen up.

Wednesday for lunch, Brian and I were both working from home so we ventured out to try a new-to-us place for lunch, Porch Light Latin Kitchen. I had a phenomenal sandwich called the Triple Torta and Brian had some ribs. We split some yuca fries and sweet plantains. Everything was seriously delicious. If you’re in Smyrna, make sure you check it out.

We went and got Skipper groomed before our trip and I just couldn’t resist this adorable little holiday bandana:

Thursday: 8 miles at 11:19 pace. I moved my long run to this day because of travels over the holiday. It was a little warmer (around 50 degrees!) And I was still sore, so I just tried to keep this at an easy effort. It felt good to knock it out before the weekend.

That night, we packed up the truck and drove to Richmond. Skipper slept the whole way! We made it in about 8 hours with two stops, which may be our best time yet.

Friday: Rest day. I took a short nap and worked remotely from Richmond for the day.

Saturday: Rest day. We drove up to Baltimore for the day to visit Brian’s mom and siblings. It was a great day but exhausting with the driving.

Sunday: 4 miles at 10:52 pace. I snuck out for some miles before the festivities started. We are heading to Brian’s uncle’s house for the annual family gathering.

Total miles for the week: 20

Overall, it was a solid week 1 of training and I’m happy I was able to get in all my planned training despite the travel and holidays. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and time with family!

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  1. Great week of training Jess! I love how you fit it runs wherever you can- lunch, morning, before Christmas 🙂 way to go!

    Skipper’s bandana is so adorable. Happy Holidays lady and I hope we run NYC together in 2017!

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