Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon Training Week 2

Going into this week, I knew getting my training in would be challenging with travel and the holidays. I decided to do the best I could and not worry if I couldn’t get all my runs in. I had a couple of rest days scheduled because of the travel, and my main focus this week was spending time with friends and family.  Here’s how week 2 went:

Monday: Rest. We drove from Richmond to southern Maryland to visit my family, and spent the day with them.

Tuesday: 4 miles at 10:20 pace. My dad and I headed out to their local rail trail for this run. It was flat and a little warm out! It was a great run, and the last one my dad and I will do together before race day! Later that evening, Brian and I drove back to Richmond.


Wednesday: 5 miles at 10:29 pace. I did this one back in Richmond. The weather was great and it made for a relaxing run.

Thursday: Rest. Brian and I got up around 3am and started the drive back to Atlanta. We were both exhausted, and Skipper was not amused.


Friday: Rest. I spent the day doing errands, laundry, etc to try to get things back in order after the travel.

Saturday: 1 mile warmup, 5k race. I met Alaina for breakfast and an 5k run up in Peachtree Corners! I had planned on doing this run as a speed test and was hopeful for a PR. However, the course was short. The official distance ended up being 2.85 but my watch measured 2.73. I was super confused when I made the final turn and saw the finish. I ran a 8:36 pace which is on part with my 5k PR, so I’ll take it. I also won second place in my age group and got to take a photo with a super creepy snowman! Alaina and I had an great time, so that’s what matters. She’s doing the Dopey challenge this weekend….good luck lady!

Saturday night, Brian and I tried a new restaurant for a late dinner, Crispina Restaurante (italian) and it was delicious! Afterwards we went to a neighbors house to kick off the new year.

Sunday: Rest. I had 9 on the schedule, but after a night of wine and cider, my body was having none of that. I pushed my run to Monday. It was a rainy day, so Brian and I did a Netflix marathon instead!

Total Miles: 12.85

I skipped one cross training day, strength training, and moved my 9 mile run by one day. I am glad for what I was able to do, and since I’m still basebuilding I’m not stressed with the missed workouts. It was a great week off of work!

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  1. So fun about your 5k. It is pretty much impossible to place in races up here because there are SO MANY crazy fast runners, lol! That’s a really solid week – especially given all your travel. I went to college in Atlanta so did the MD-Atlanta drive MANY times. I also worked in Birmingham after law school and did the MD-Bham drive many more times – that 12 hours was brutal alone!

    • Oh yes – Brian and I did long distance when I first moved to Atlanta, so there were a lot of those drives. I don’t miss it at all. At least now I can ride shotgun 🙂

  2. Yeay for placing second at your race!! But the distance would throw me off too!
    Creepy snowman – haha!!
    You sure did a lot of traveling and driving!
    I was telling my friend the other day that being on this island- it makes you used to not driving for long distance- so driving for more than 40 minutes feel like a trip to us! (I bet your driving lasted way more than 40 minutes)
    Anyway great training week!!!

    • Eri, I laughed when I read your comment, because my commute to work is 40 minutes (one way!!). It’s so different here. The drive to Richmond from Atlanta is around 8 hours when we drive at night like we did. If we drive during the day it can take closer to 10 hours just because there is so much more traffic. Happy new year!

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