Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon Training Week 4

Hi all!! I apologize for this post being a little late this week.  Since I had today (Monday) off of work, I totally put this off a day, haha.

Each week in 2017, I’m going to be spending less time detailing my training and more time detailing my activities that will bring me closer to my goal of raising $10,000 for charity in 2017.  I do this to not only hold myself accountable, but to give you all insight into the work it takes to reach such a big goal.

Here is how my training and fundraising for last week looked:


Monday: 3 miles at 10:07 pace. It was too icy to do this in the morning, so I moved it to lunch.  Because of a time crunch, I could only do 3 out of the 5 scheduled miles.

Tuesday: 55 minute barre class.  I met my friend Amanda for a 6am class at Pink Barre and it was great! Fantastic cross and strength training.

Wednesday: 5 miles at 11:08 pace. Nothing of note here, except I was scheduled to do striders after the run and didn’t remember until I was filling in my log later.  Ugh.

Thursday: Rest day.  I was scheduled to cross train, but I was dead tired from three very long days in a row (and still sore from barre!).  I made the decision to rest instead.  After work, Brian and I went out to dinner to celebrate his official finish of his PhD!! He turned in his dissertation and it got approved.  It’s strange – we’ve been together for 12 years, and this is the first time that neither of us have been in school!

Friday: 3 miles at 11:05 pace.  Remember how I said it was icy on Monday? It was near 60 for this run!!!

Saturday: 10 miles at 10:40 pace. I hit the trail for this run, which went fine.  Mentally I was just very bored though.  I haven’t switched up my playlist in awhile, and now that I’m running more miles this week I’m going to refresh it.

Sunday: Rest day.  It was also Skipper’s Birthday! We rescued him from Paws Atlanta 6 years ago.  As part of our annual tradition, we grilled him up a steak which he gobbled up.  We also grill steaks for ourselves, too (of course!)


Last week I mentioned that my manager let us know she is leaving the company, which was a huge bummer for me.  That definitely carried over into this week.  I’ve been super focused on work (and putting in some hours before she leaves) and my fundraising.  To be honest, the focus in other areas of my life has put training a bit on the backburner as an afterthought.

However, I did have a GREAT weekend! My friend Christina came down with her fiance Jerry to hang with Brian and I.  On Saturday, it was in the mid 70s in Atlanta which was PERFECT for tailgating before the Falcons game! We had an awesome time at the Georgia Dome.  Ludacris performed at halftime, and of course the Falcons won. I am so excited that the Falcons are in the NFC Championship game this coming weekend!

Chrissy and I

Chrissy and I



View from our seats

View from our seats


This was a really busy week for fundraising, and I tried to keep my momentum going from the previous week.  I had a few goals going into the week, and the only one I didn’t cross off was finalizing my plan/timeline.  However, I did make some progress on putting it together.  Here are some of the other activities I did:

Reached out to 5 people for fundraising ideas.  I reached out to a few people in my network and got some ideas, and set up time with some of them to talk more.  This is helping give me ideas for my plan!

Got my first event on the calendar!! I will be hosting a Pure Romance party on February 1st, with 20% of the sales going towards my fundraising.  I also started talking to a few other people about events.

Created 2 crochet hat prototypes and listed them for sale. This was my most exciting action item of the week.  I posted on my personal facebook, as well as blog social media the details of these hats.  They will be made to order, and there are several different combination options: classic or “messy bun”/ponytail, solid or striped, with or without flower.  I’m selling them for $26.20 each.  After just a few hours of posting, I’ve already taken orders for 11 hats – $288.20 raised! I’ll be doing a lot of crocheting this week!


Because I can’t officially register and open up my fundraising page yet, I am selling through Etsy to keep track of the transactions easily.  I then plan to add the money to my fundraising page once it’s open.  I actually emailed Fred’s Team this week to see if I could open my page early and I totally got shot down (but, it was worth a try!).  If you would like to order one, you can purchase through the link above and we will work out the details of style and color!

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My goals for this week:

  • Finalize timeline/rough plan
  • Contact 2 businesses about events
  • Sell more hats – my goal is to get to 25 total hats sold, so I need to sell 14 more!

How was your week of training? Don’t forget to link up below!!

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  1. Glad to hear your fundraising is starting off so well! I did hear about the Falcons game but didn’t watch. I just like to see some “new” teams make the SuperBowl instead of the same old same, you know? Great job on your runs! Barre makes me sore every week, lol!

  2. I love your fundraising goals – I think you’ll have no trouble with this! Congrats to the Falcons. I went to college in Atlanta (Agnes Scott) so I always like to see ATL sports teams do well. I’d be excited to see a Falcons Super Bowl win! 🙂

  3. I’ll be down in ATL running Hot Chocolate 15K this weekend – my first ever race in GA! Good for your for listening to your body and taking the rest day when you needed it. More runners need to do that!

  4. That’s brilliant progress on your fundraising! It can be so tough finding ways to raise the money but it looks like you’ve got a great plan. Good luck!

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