Places to Run in Atlanta

This week, I thought I’d share my favorite places to run in Atlanta. I’m always looking for new places to run, so let me know if you have a trail to add to this list!

A list of places to run and running trails in Atlanta, GA from a local blogger.

Chattahoochee River – I love running by bodies of water, I find it so calm and relaxing!

There are a few different trails by the ‘Hooch, but my favorite is Cochran Shoals.  There is a short (1.5-2 miles out) packed dirt path, and then another short section you can add on that is residential, Columns drive.  While I use the term “residential”, don’t let that fool you – the houses are massive and beautiful! There is a bike path along the road.  A full out and back of both portions is almost exactly 8 miles.  Additionally, the route is completely flat, making it a great option if you are training for a race outside of Atlanta.  This is a VERY popular spot, and I’ll often see other runners I know here.  A word of caution: the packed dirt portion does tend to get muddy when we’ve had rain.  Make sure you bring cash for parking.

Great places to run in Atlanta, GA

Chastain Park – I may be in the minority here, but I love running at Chastain.  It’s a HILLY running path, but that makes it great for a tough workout.  The path is pretty wide for the most part, and the part that isn’t will be widened soon.  You’ll often see other runners, as well as walkers and dogs, out on this path.  It’s well lit, making it a great option for early morning or evening runs, and there are a few water fountains around the park.  One full loop is 2.5 miles, so I like to use this park for my 5 mile runs.  It’s very close to my current apartment, and I’m going to miss running here so often!

Great places to run in Atlanta, GA

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Silver Comet Trail – This has quickly become my favorite trail in Atlanta.  The Silver Comet Trail is an old rail-way turned bike/pedestrian path.  It’s relatively flat (slight grade of no more than 2%) and stretches for miles and miles, with very few cross-roads to worry about cars.  You’re surrounded by trees on either side of you, making for a peaceful run.  This is a very popular trail for bikers, so make sure you stay to the right and keep an ear out for bikers passing you.  I’m so excited to live within running distance of this trail at my new place!

Great places to run in Atlanta, GA

Piedmont Park – I don’t run here very often simply because it’s not really convenient for me, but I always enjoy it when I do.  Piedmont park is Atlanta’s version of “Central Park”: a massive green space in the middle of the city.  There are a ton of paths to follow here, and you can often catch views of the skyline as you’re running.  There is also the “active oval”, which is packed gravel track that many runners use for speed-work.

Great places to run in Atlanta, GA

My morning route – I’m not going to share where this is in Atlanta, but how could my weekday morning route not make this list? While I love trying out new places for long runs on the weekend, there is something special about MY routes during the week.  The past few months, I have known that would not be long before these wouldn’t be part of my routine, and I’ve been very bittersweet about it.  These have been my routes since I became a runner, and I’ve logged more miles along these same roads than anywhere else.  I know every bump and hill, and I know the mile markers without wearing a watch.  I know which people I will see walking their dogs and exactly where to cross the street so that that I’m always running on sidewalk.  Whenever I have been travelling, the first run back home always makes me feel more grounded.  I know that I’ll get a new routine, but I really am going to miss the familiarity of these roads.

Great places to run in Atlanta, GA

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I’m sure over the next few training cycles, I’ll discover more places to run in Atlanta.

Have you ever run at any of these spots? What’s your favorite place to run in Atlanta (or in your city?)

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  1. I have only been to Atlanta one time and It was a very quick trip. Only went downtown for the afternoon. Would love to check out those running trails if I ever get back there.

  2. I am going to have to remember these for when I’m in Atlanta again. I’ve only ran at Stone Mountain Park that’s the closest I’ve come. You have so many great places to run here, I’m very jealous, I love the picture of the Silver Comet trail too! Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s how I felt about running in Richmond…I didn’t run when I lived there so it was amazing to see that side of a city! You may just have to plan a trip down here!!

  3. If you need a buddy, let me know. New to the area, I’m trying to find where to run living in Roswell….fellow PI champion

  4. Come up and run the Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta and Cumming! My Favorite run is from the trailhead at McFarland (Exit 12 up Ga 400) then up to the Trailhead at Bethelview Road. Its a good 7.5 mile run and gorgeous!

    • I’ve heard great things about that trail! I live in Smyrna now right by the Silver Comet, so that’s a bit far for me during marathon training. I’ll check it out during my off season!

  5. Good luck in Richmond! I’m in Cumming and run the Big Creek Greenway all the time – LOVE it 🙂

    • Thank you! I hear good things about that greenway a lot. I’m in Smyrna so it’s a little far for me. 🙁

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