Savannah Half Marathon Training – Week 1

Woohoo!! It’s the first week of my training recaps! I just love these weekly training recaps.  They help hold me accountable and it’s a great way to force myself to reflect on the week.

Overall, it was a good week for running and a busy week for life.  Keeping on track with nutrition was a challenge, but I knew that going into it.  I did the best I could and just didn’t stress about it.  I ate well for breakfast and lunch each day, and ate out almost every evening because we were at the new house doing stuff.  Only one week to go!

More on the house progress in a few.  First, here’s how my running went.

Monday: Planned – 3 easy miles.  Actual – 3 miles @ 11:16 pace.  Winter is finally starting to arrive in Atlanta! It was a chilly run, but I enjoy the chilly runs!  I did a hillier route and focused on keeping it at an easy pace.

Tuesday: Planned – XT and Strength.  Actual – rest day.  I slept in with intentions on doing this on my lunch…and then a meeting got thrown on my calendar.  We had to get some stuff done at the house that evening so I didn’t get a workout in.  I was pretty bummed about this.

Wednesday: Planned – 4 miles easy + 4 striders.  Actual – 4 miles @ 11:01 pace, 4 x 20 second striders.  My run was pretty consistent and felt great! It’s been in the 20s in the mornings here and once I get warmed up, I really like it.  I forgot how great those miles after 3 feel.  The striders were a great way to end the run.

Thursday: Planned – XT and Strength.  Actual – 30 mins stationary bike, 20 minutes strength training.  I hit the leg press for the first time in awhile and it felt hard, but good! I forced myself to do more tricep dips and ab work than I wanted, but I’m trying to work on that upper body and core!

Friday: Planned – 3 miles recovery.  Actual – 3 miles @ 11:45 pace.  I almost skipped this run.  I was tired from not sleeping well, wasn’t feeling well, and it was raining out.  But I laced up anyways and it turned out to be a lovely run! I thought about running in the rain during my first marathon last year with Christina.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I became a marathoner! Running in the rain hasn’t been the same since.

All smiles after a rainy run

All smiles after a rainy run

Saturday: Planned – 6 miles easy.  Actual – 6 miles @ 11:28 pace.  I met the MARC group out in Smyrna for our long run.  It was our “open house” of sorts and we had a lot of new-to-our-group runners! I ran with Allison and enjoyed chatting, the miles flew by! I really like doing my long runs with someone else because it forces me to stay at a conversational pace.  I spent the rest of the day packing, but still managed to do some food prep, including some roasted Brussel Sprouts!



Sunday: Planned – 4 recovery miles.  Actual – rest day from running.  I spent all day Saturday packing and woke up sore and tired, with another full day of packing ahead of me.  I decided my body needed the rest – packing is no joke!

Total miles – 16.

What went well this week: Getting back into a routine and easing back into workouts, especially with the chaos going on with the move.  I’m also proud of keeping my runs nice and easy and holding myself back.  I haven’t added the “current pace” screen back onto my Garmin and it’s making a huge difference in my runs.  I’m actually surprised at what my “easy pace” has been on some of these runs….a little faster than I anticipated, especially with the time I took off.

What didn’t: nutrition.  Again, I’m just doing the best I can.  If I really wanted to be good about this I could, but at this point it’s not worth the extra stress to me in trying to plan for the unexpected.  I know that this time next week I’ll be on my way back to a normal routine.

Focus for the next week: listening to my body with the extra stress of moving.  It’s going to be a crazzzzzy week and I don’t want to run myself into the ground!

Okay, now for an update on the house! Everything is moving along nicely and very quickly.  This week, we had the floors installed, and they look FANTASTIC!

New floors!

New floors! This was an “in-progress” pic

No more carpet in the master bath!

No more carpet in the master bath!

Skipper seems to like the new floors!

Skipper seems to like the new floors!

We did have a slight issue that we had to address on Thursday.  When Brian got to the house to check on the progress (they should have been finishing up installing the quarter-round trim), he found the entire downstairs caked in sawdust:

Dust on the trim

Dust on the trim

More sawdust...

More sawdust…

The painters were supposed to start that day and this was obviously a problem.  I ended up leaving work early to be sure this all got cleaned up.  Our contact at the company was super apologetic and to his credit, fixed the issue.  It was just an added level of stress that wasn’t needed and a good reminder as to why we did NOT choose to do a full renovation on a house (which we had briefly discussed).

Anyways, while at the house, I changed my mind on the paint color.  Again.  I thought Brian was going to kill me.  The good news is we went with the color I’ve wanted all along…Brian just gave in.  🙂  Ironically, the color is called “agreeable grey”.  It wasn’t very agreeable…

The first swatch on the left is agreeable grey by Sherwin Williams

The first swatch on the left is agreeable grey by Sherwin Williams

We originally had compromised and agreed on the color on the bottom right.  However, when I went to the house in the middle of the day….that color looked legit like baby blue paint.  I am SO GLAD I saw that before we did the whole house in it!

The floors are 100% finished and the painting has started! We went by the house tonight and the ceilings and closets are done.  The garage is primed, as are the cabinets (the doors and drawers were peeling, so we are getting them redone in the same color), and the banister! This banister will be a glossy black when it’s done.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Primed and ready to go!

Primed and ready to go!

The painters will be done Wednesday, and the movers come on Friday.  After two full days of packing (following weeks of packing here and there), our apartment is 95% packed.  This time next week, I’ll be updating from our new house!

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Your house project looks amazing, that is so exciting. We moved into our new place over 3 years ago and I love it as much now as I did then. Completely understandable that nutrition can sometimes slack in these situations ! It is hard to manage and anticipate everything with huge projects like that going on. Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product !

    • Thanks Karen for stopping by! I’m falling more and more in love with the house every day, I just can’t wait to be in there!

  2. Your home is looking gorgeous and I love the gray paint color…oh the irony! 🙂 I’m sure you’re anxious to have the painting complete. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a place. And I’m very impressed that you’re keeping up your training during your move – you are doing awesome!

  3. My husband is a paint contractor so I know all about the many many shades of gray and how colors will look totally different in daylight and with furniture! Glad the color wasn’t an issue between you two, there will be much more to argue over anyway lol! Love the floors and if I could I’d do away with every single piece of carpet in my house! Rugs all the way!

  4. How exciting to be moving into a new house. And one freshly painted and remodeled too. Skipper is so cute! I’m thinking about the Savannah women’s half. Is that the same one you are training for? April? Thanks for linking with us Jess!

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