Savannah Half Marathon Training – Week 4

Hello! I’m still feeling very behind on my blog and on reading other blogs, but this week was good for training!

Monday: Planned 2-3 recovery miles.  Actual: rest day

After the Hot Chocolate 15k on Sunday (which I still need to write up…yikes), my shin was really sore.  It was still sore on Monday so I took a rest day.  This has happened before so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Monday night, we tried cooking the first meal from our Home Chef box (affiliate link).  I was so excited to try my hand at cooking, and I’ve never cooked salmon at home before! I made everything bagel seasoning crusted salmon, with an arugula salad tossed in lemon-caper vinaigrette.  It was delicious and super easy! I’ll be writing up a full review on Home Chef after I finish the second week of meals this week.  If you want to try it, use the link above and you’ll get $30 off (as will I, yippee!)

I made food!!!

I made food!!!

Tuesday: Planned – 5 miles easy + strength training.  Actual – 5 miles at 10:46 pace.  I actually think this was actually a little slower, my watch clocked the first mile too early I think.  Anyways, this run felt great and my shin was 100%.

I went on my lunch break and did strength training.  I decided to go heavy on my legs since I only had about 20 minutes.  I did just that, and I knew as soon as I finished I was going to be sore.  I was right.

Wednesday: Planned – 6 miles easy. Actual – 6 miles @ 11:28 pace.  I was SUPER sore from strength training, so I took it as easy as possible.

Thursday: Planned – 3-4 miles easy. & strength  Actual – rest day.  I was still ridiculously sore (even more so than Wednesday) so I switched my rest day to Thursday. I took my first bath in my new tub, and it was amazing!

Friday: Planned – rest day.  Actual – 2 miles @ 11:38 pace.  I wanted to do 3 miles but overslept.  My soreness was finally subsiding thank goodness!

Saturday: Planned – 8 miles with the last 3 at a fast finish.  Actual – 8 miles, last 4 miles fast finish.

Great run! I ran from my house and met Carrie, Clyde, and Terry on the trail for this run.  It took a couple miles to warm up and once I did, it was easy to hit the faster miles.

Saturday morning run crew

Saturday morning run crew

We spent Saturday afternoon running errands and doing some more set up.  We took advantage of the amazing afternoon weather and made burgers on the grill, and ate them outside! Yum!

Sunday: Planned – 2 recovery miles.  Actual – rest day (but really, errands and stuff).  Sunday runs are too hard for me to fit in.  I usually spend so much time with Brian or doing stuff and it never feels convenient to fit in.  Going forward, I’m going to have Sunday as a rest day.

Total miles: 21

What went well: Eating! We made several meals from Home Chef and they are all healthy and quick.  I am starting to enjoy trying new things in the kitchen, and it’s so nice to have a big enough kitchen to cook with Brian.  It’s quickly becoming a new routine and I love it!

Herb Pork with Veggies

Herb Pork with Veggies

Chicken with Saffron Beurre Blanc Sauce & veggies

Chicken with Saffron Beurre Blanc Sauce & veggies


What didn’t: getting all my workouts in.  Frankly, running and training just hasn’t been a top priority.  I’m still working to try to get as many in as possible, but so much other stuff is taking precedence, and that’s okay.  I’m having fun with my runs and I’m looking forward to getting stronger in February!

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