Savannah Half Marathon Training – Weeks 2 & 3

Hello! Long time, no blog! The last time I blogged was two weeks ago, and I got several comments from people at how impressed they were that I was able to keep up with training during moving.  Wellllllll I definitely have had to modify my training recently; unpacking is way more exhausting than I anticipated! Here’s what the past two weeks of training have looked like:

Week of 11/11: Moving week!

Monday: 4 easy miles @ 11:08 average pace – a great (and cold!) run and a great way to start the week!

Pink-cheeked after a chilly run!

Pink-cheeked after a chilly run!

Tuesday: 4 easy miles @ 11:18 pace.  This run felt hard, I kept feeling out of breath and had to slow myself down.  I couldn’t pinpoint what the issue was, so I just chalked this one up to fatigue.

Wednesday: 40 minutes stationary bike, 25 minutes strength training.  I was super tired for this workout but pushed through.  I went heavy on legs and did more core and upper body than normal.

Thursday: I skipped this workout.  I was so exhausted from getting everything ready to move, and there was still so much more to do.

Friday: Moving day! I took a rest day.  It was also Skipper’s “birthday”, which we celebrate every year on the day we adopted him.  This year was his 5th year with us (he was about a year when we got him).  Because of the movers, we took him to doggy daycare at The Best Little Doghouse in Georgia and they threw him a birthday party!! He had a lot of fun and was happy to come home to his new house!

Happy Birthday Skipper!

Happy Birthday Skipper!

Saturday: Another rest day.  The movers took 10 hours instead of the estimated 5-7 and showed up a bit later than we anticipated, so that meant they didn’t leave until 8:30 pm and that no unpacking got done Friday.  I felt so overwhelmed with all the boxes I chose to focus on unpacking instead of doing this workout.

Sunday: 7 miles @ 10:46 average pace.  This run surprised me.  I was so tired going into it, but after mile 4 I started to feel good and after mile 5 I felt great! This was my first run from my new house, and I ran the half mile to the Silver Comet Trail, did 6 flat miles, and ran the half mile back to the house.  I probably ran this one a bit faster than I should have but I did feel really great!

First run from the new house!

First run from the new house!

As a sidenote, I treated myself to a Nespresso machine and I’m obsessed with it.  Does anyone else have one?

MMMMM Nespresso

MMMMM Nespresso

Total Miles for the Week: 15

I was really bummed to have such low mileage again, but was pleased to get in cross training and strength training.  It felt like such a huge relief to get this move done!  I was really bad about foam rolling and nutrition, but I did the best I could.

Week of 1/18: Unpacking week!

Monday: I had the day off of work thanks to the holiday, so I was able to get this run in during the daylight hours.  I did 3 easy miles @ 11:16 pace.  I had 4 on the schedule, but decided to cut it short after my long run on Sunday.

Tuesday: Another day off of work (I took a vacation day) and I did this run around lunch time.  This run was such a mental and physical battle.  I ran to the Silver Comet Trail again and did a total of 5 miles @ 11:02 pace.  I finished with four 20 second striders and really pushed it.  I was glad for this run to be done.

Wednesday: My first day back at work and I was totally zapped on energy.  All the standing/walking/unpacking over the weekend finally caught up to me.  I had cross training on the schedule but decided to take a rest day instead.

Thursday: Finally started feeling like myself again! I did an early-morning run and got in 5 miles at a 10:54 pace, finishing with 4 striders again.

Friday: I worked from home, which would have made for a great day to run, but it was a hard rain/sleet all day with temps in the low 30s, so I decided to take a rest day.  I only had 2 recovery miles on the schedule.  However, the UPS man brought my Pearl Izumi Champions goodie box! I am so excited to be an ambassador for this brand this year, and was super pumped to get all this swag!

Swag from Pearl Izumi!

Swag from Pearl Izumi!

Saturday: Rest day! Christina was in town and basically is the best friend in the entire world.  She spent the day helping me unpack clothes and some of my office (she offered to help!).  We were on our feet a lot of the day getting stuff set up in the house.  For breakfast, I made waffles! For many of you, this may not be a big deal, but I’ve never made waffles from scratch before.  We also had bacon on the side.  It was a perfect “snow day” breakfast!



Sunday: Hot Chocolate 15k! I’ll post a separate recap about this, but I was very pleased with a 1:44:15 finish time.  I used this race as a training run and it was a great race.  The hot chocolate and fondue at the end of this race is always so delicious!

Total miles for the week: 22.3

I felt so much better toward the end of the week, and I know taking that rest day on Wednesday was the right call.  I also got back on track with nutrition which made a huge difference.

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Looking forward to this week, I am excited to really be able to get back on track.  We are mostly unpacked, with only our offices really left to do.  This makes the evenings a lot more relaxing and frees up time to do these workouts, not to mention my energy levels are a lot better.  I’m going to focus on doing my foam rolling each night as well.

The house is coming along so nicely! I’ll start sharing pictures of different areas next week, but for now, I’ll leave you with these before and after photos of the new flooring and paint.

Our front entryway. It's amazing what a difference getting rid of that dated wood made!

Our front entryway. It’s amazing what a difference getting rid of that dated wood made!

The family room. Love the way the floors turned out!

The family room. Love the way the floors turned out!

The master bath....SO happy to get rid of the carpet!

The master bath….SO happy to get rid of the carpet!

It really looks even better now that our furniture is in there!  We are LOVING the house and being homeowners!

How has your training been going? How did you keep on track during a big move?

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  1. I’m so glad I got to come down and see you and the new house!! Thank you for a great weekend and a fun 15k! Oh and totally saving my life by giving me your ipod when my phone got cranky in the cold! Hugs!

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