Stitch Fix #1 October Review

A non-running post for you all! I recently joined Stitch Fix.  What the heck is that?  It’s a personal styling service for women.  You fill out a style profile (and can even link to a Pinterest board with specific images for your stylist), and then you get a box of 5 items of clothes in the mail picked out just for you!  You get a pre-paid, return envelope to return whatever you don’t want for free, and only pay for the things you want to keep.  The cost is $20 per fix, but if you keep anything, the price goes toward that item.  AND if you keep all 5 items, you get an additional discount of 25% on the entire fix!  When you set up your profile, you pick the price points you’re comfortable with.

So, I signed up and I got my first box.  I mean, who doesn’t want a box of surprise clothes coming to your door?

First, the stylist gives a personalized note as to why they picked out the pieces for you:



I was excited to see that Grace looked at my Pinterest board.  I not only pinned items I liked, but items I already had (like the wine colored pants).

Here are the items I received:

Bay to Baubles Sandro Layered Fan Collar Necklace – $34

sitch fix 1 f

I didn’t like this in the box, but I did like it a little more on me (Stitch Fix encourages you to try EVERYTHING on, even if you don’t like it).  I like that it was gold and a statement necklace, but the gold was a little dull and I usually like necklaces with gemstones in it.  I decided I wouldn’t wear this enough to keep it.  Verdict: returned.

41Hawthorn Sherwood Faux Leather Detailed Cardigan – $74


sitch fix 1 d


sitch fix 1 e

When I saw the description of this before my box arrived (you can peek in your profile to see what’s been shipped!) I was super excited.  I’ve suddenly become obsessed with leather-detail everything.  This wasn’t exactly what I expected.  It was more of a wrap, and it wasn’t a sweater, it was a lighter weight material.  I did really like the detail and the shape.  There was a lot of material in the front and the sleeves were a little long (I had to push them up a bit), so I felt like it was a little overwhelming on me, but I definitely could have made it work.  However, the real reason I returned this is because I already have a black wrap and I couldn’t justify spending this much on one that looked so much like it.  Verdict: returned.

19 Cooper Bethany Lace Bib Half-Button Blouse – $68


sitch fix 1 cThis was the blouse that my stylist picked to go with my wine pants.  I loved this top! The material was lightweight and felt wonderful, and the lace detail was just amazing.  I really like how this top is conservative enough for work but has some nice detail on it, and the winter white will match soooo much in my closet.  It’s the perfect blend of professional and feminine.  Verdict: kept!

Here is how I wore it later that week to work:



41 Hawthorn Carson Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse – $58


sitch fix 1 b

My stylist picked this out to go with a skirt I have that I pinned on my board that has leather panels in the front.  I LOVED this out of the box.  The color and material were amazing, and I really liked the shape.  However, it just didn’t fit me at all.  The blouse was big overall and huge toward the bottom of it.  I probably could have tucked it into the skirt and styled it under a jacket or something, but I know better than to buy something that doesn’t fit well…I won’t wear it.  I was bummed to send this back because had it fit, it really would have looked amazing with that skirt.  Verdict: Returned

41 Hawthorn Walt Striped Skirt – $68


sitch fix 1 aOk, when I saw this in my fix I was SOOOOO excited.  My friend Christina (my running buddy!) has this skirt and I think it’s fantastic.  Plus, I love pencil skirts.  And stripes.  I was just praying it would fit me.  And it did…..perfectly.  This was hands down my favorite item in the box.  I wore it to work the next day and got so many compliments on it.  When I told my coworkers it was from my box, they couldn’t believe how well my stylist nailed my style.  The material is great (a little stretchy) and this is an easy skirt to wear year round.  Verdict: Kept, obviously

Here’s how I wore it to work:




So there you have it! My first box, and I kept 2 out of 5 items, but I didn’t really hate anything in the box.  I’m going to request Grace for my next fix and each fix going forward, I really enjoyed what she sent me.  My next box arrives on Oct 28th!

So, are you ready to get your fix?  Please use my referral link here to sign up, and I’ll get a credit toward my next box!! 🙂

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  1. I am a relatively new stitch fix customer and I love seeing what other people got! The white blouse looks so good on you and I love the striped skirt, especially with that blue/greenish jacket. It is so much to get a box of new stuff in the mail! Thanks for sharing on your blog. I might even come back for the fitness…

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