Surprises are the most fun – Rock and Roll DC Marathon Recap Part 1 (Christina)

Friday was the day before the Rock and Roll Marathon and Jess and I had planned to go the Expo, have lunch with some Instagram friends, go get our new reward Kate Spade handbags, and then lay around until it was time for dinner.  We were laying around in our room at the Westin City Center when there was a knock at the door.  I knew her boyfriend Brian was supposed to be arriving soon so I expected it would be him and stayed reclined on the bed.

The door opened and in walked my niece Carley.  Carley and my sister Angie were definitely not coming to the marathon.  It had been discussed and I was certain they weren’t coming.  I really wanted Angie to be there – we’d run the Disney Princess Half Marathon together – but I knew it was just too much.  They lived in southern Georgia and coming up to DC for the weekend is pretty tough.  They walked and in I was in tears immediately.  I had just been talking to Jess saying that I wished that Angie could be there but that I shouldn’t hope for that because it certainly wasn’t happening.  I was just so happy.  So. So. Happy.  She walked in with my parents and Brian and I knew we were all going to have an amazing weekend.  My oldest sister Amy and her daughters arrived about an hour later and I was so happy to see them as well.  I had been expecting them to come, as they had come to see us at the Nike Women’s Half in April 2013.

Having my whole family there to see me run made me feel so loved and supported.  I knew they were all so proud of me.  I’ve come so far in this running journey and having them there to see my reach a goal that I never thought possible was just amazing.  I was the girl that tried to get out of the warm-up lap and joined the track team in high school for social reasons.  I laid on the couch while the rest of the family went for a walk.  I was NOT a runner.  Had the superlative existed in high school, I would have been voted least likely to run a marathon.

Dinner was at our favorite pre-race restaurant Joe’s Steak and Seafood.  Some runners do pasta the night before but Jess and I have had great success with filet mignon.  It’s a tad more pricey but it works well for us for fueling.  We always get potatoes and some veggies too. As with any pre-race meal you have to see what works for you and what your body digests well.  We’ve tested this meal before long runs and half marathons so I was confident it wouldn’t cause issues and it didn’t.



After dinner, a quick trip to CVS for pretzels and Epsom salts, and some last minute hydrating we went back to the hotel to get some sleep.  I always take a sleeping pill before a race because it helps me fall asleep and I have less anxiety.  We were in bed by about 9:30pm (later than planned) and tried to sleep.  I woke up at about 3am and had trouble getting back to sleep.  We planned to get up around 5:30am so I laid in bed while waiting for Jess to text me that she was up.  We planned to get ready in my room and then head over to the start line.

What’s your prerace meal?

Has anyone ever surprised you by showing up at a race to support you?

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