That was scary.

It’s March.  Marathon Month.  Jess and I are running a marathon this month.  As of this moment we will be at the starting line in 11 days and 15 hours.

I had 12 miles on the schedule for Saturday morning.  So naturally, I laid around in bed waiting to get started.  It was cold here in Charlotte and I was clearly delaying the inevitable.  By the time I was dressed Jess had already texted me a picture of her watch reading 12 miles complete.

I layered up my clothes, KT taped everything, filled my water bottle and set up my music.  Well, I must have KT taped a little too aggressively because at the 1 mile mark I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with my foot-shin-ankle area.  I’d injured the top of my foot over the summer and the twinges felt familiar.  So – as someone who is 13 days away from a marathon tends to do – I freaked out.  I stopped running and called Jess immediately.  We decided I should take off the KT tape and feel it out.  It felt better so I kept running.  At the mile 2 mark it still just didn’t feel right.  So I stopped running.  I’ve never done that before and it was terrifying.  I was 2 miles from home so I had to walk of shame back home – passing runners that I looked at with envy.  I was nearly in tears so I called my sister to help distract me.  Yes, stopping was the best choice.  I knew there was no reason to risk hurting myself even further but the mental damage was bad.  I started doubting everything.  Luckily my sister chatted with me most of the way – I even got her to agree to run another Disney Half Marathon with me in January!  Nothing like planning another race to perk me right up!  And in Disney!

So I finally got home and iced it and took some heavy duty anti-inflammatories.  And cried some.


So since I spent all of Saturday freaking myself out and icing my ankle, I knew that I need to do something on Sunday and tossed around the idea of the elliptical or the treadmill.  I KT taped my ankle before bed (looser this time) and hoped for the best.  Luckily I woke up and it felt okay on Sunday morning.  No twinges.  I really wanted to go run.  So I went.  In the freezing rain.  I told myself that if there was any pain that I would stop immediately.  I could feel it for the first 2 miles but it went away and there was never any pain.  It was almost like it needed to be worked out.

So that was terrifying.  But it brought me back to that place where you’re just grateful to be running.  I didn’t see a single other runner for my 10 miles – because who wants to be out in the sleet and rain?  It just made the whole run even better.


Watch out DC – we’re ready for you.

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Christina Hagan

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