Training & Fundraising Recap January Weeks 3 & 4

Hi all! Sorry that I have been MIA around these parts.  My work has been really, really busy for me and we’ve had some travelling on the weekends.  Things have been non-stop!

Each week in 2017, I’m going to be spending less time detailing my training and more time detailing my activities that will bring me closer to my goal of raising $10,000 for charity in 2017.  I do this to not only hold myself accountable, but to give you all insight into the work it takes to reach such a big goal.

Here is how my training and fundraising for the last 2 weeks looked:

Half Marathon Training

Week of January 16th saw 24 miles (including a long run of 10 miles) and a 55 minute barre class.  It was a solid week, but honestly, I was just lacking in mental motivation.  With my job being so busy, running just hasn’t been as fun – it’s very much felt like “one more thing to do” which isn’t like me at all.  Towards the end of this week, I re-framed my thinking to “I have to run” to “I get to run and am healthy enough to be able to”.  I reminded myself of all of the current cancer patients who would love to be able to do physical activity right now.  I personally know two people dealing with cancer right now (one directly, one caring for a significant other) and it really puts things in perspective for me.

This past week was not great for training.  I had a ton of meetings, working downtown every day (which sucks about 2 hours out of my day for commuting), and some hard deadlines since it was my manager’s last full week in the office.  I found myself stressing really hard about missing workouts, and decided that I needed to give myself a break from training this week so that I could focus on work.  I did two runs – a 4 mile run on Tuesday and a 5 mile run on Saturday.  Honestly, I was feeling super run down on Saturday and have had what feels like a cold coming on all weekend, so I just took it easy.  Coach is going to have me do some easy runs next week to get me back into training and I’m going to get a sports massage as well.  The light is at the end of the tunnel and work should be more manageable starting this week.

In other news, this entire city has Falcons Fever!! We are all so excited for Atlanta to be in the super bowl! Brian and I are going to host a Super Bowl party next weekend, which should be fun.  Fingers crossed for an Atlanta victory!

Skipper wants everyone to "Rise Up!"

Skipper wants everyone to “Rise Up!”


I am proud to say that I’ve still been able to move my fundraising along despite how busy I’ve been.  Here’s a recap of what I’ve been able to accomplish:

  • Talked to 3 more people to get ideas for fundraising
  • Put together high level fundraising plan by month
  • Reached out to 2 businesses to start discussions of events
  • Took orders for a total of 27 crochet hats! A few of these orders are pending (have not paid yet) but this means I’ve raised around $700 so far towards my goal!!!

My revised goal is to sell a total of 40 hats by the end of February, which will raise just over $1000!  I have been spending a lot of time crocheting and have also gotten help from my sister, for which I am so grateful.  Thank you all for your orders! My favorite hat so far has got to be these Boston themed hats I made for Jessie over at The Right Fits.

Boston Marathon Themed Hat for Jessie

Boston Marathon Themed Hat for Jessie

Second striped option

Second striped option

One thing that has been eye opening is just how incredibly common cancer actually is.  I’ve had several people share their stories with me already, which makes me even more motivated to hit this goal.  Once the conversation is open, I’m learning more and more about how much cancer really does suck.  I know that this is just the beginning, and that this journey will give me a different perspective along the way.

(If you are interested in ordering a custom crochet hat to support my fundraising efforts, please email me at and I will send you details)

Goal for next week

My big fundraising goal is to try to crank out as many hats as I can so I can get these orders out the door.  Now that I have my plan in place, I feel as though I can breathe for a week or two and just focus on making these hats before I start working on the other events.

How was your training this week? Please link up below with Jessie and I!


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