Week in Review

Whew!! This week has kicked my butt!  Luckily, I was able to get quite a few runs in and I’m feeling great!

2/4: 3.1 Miles, 10:20 average pace

2/5: Long Hill Run–6 Miles, 10:52 average pace

2/6: 4.06 Miles, 10:17 average pace

2/8: Speed workout–7.81 miles, 09:10 average pace

Total Week: 20.97 Miles, 10:03 Average Pace

For my mid-week run, I met up with a girl I met from my group runs who is also running the Nike Women’s Half in DC.  She’s a similar pace to me and is shooting for a sub-2 hour finish time.  I’d been toying with the idea myself, so when I heard her say that is what she wanted to do, I decided to shoot for it, too.  I still have two and a half months until the race, and I feel that I’m getting faster and faster each week as I ramp up my training.  We’re going to start doing our mid-week runs together to train up!

I did a group run Thursday night (and it started snowing mid-run!), and took a rest day Friday.  I made it an extra-special rest day by going to get a massage after work.  The massage felt AMAZING on my legs!  I need to work this into my schedule more often, for sure.

My favorite run this week had to be today’s training group speed workout. I’ve heard of speed workouts, but I’d never participated in one.

We started at Phidippides and did a warm up run to the active oval in Piedmont Park, where the workout took place.  We did 800 meter repeats with 1-2 minute breaks in-between.  I was shooting for 4:30 time for each, and ran all of them well under that, most around 4:15, and my last one right at 4:00.  I loved running around the track with the group, I felt like such an athlete! Plus, it was a nice change of pace to the hills of Atlanta, and Piedmont park has beautiful views of the city.


Views of the city from the park.


Active Oval at Piedmont Park.

I know speed workouts really do help build speed, and I really enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to adding this type of workout to my routine from here on out!


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