Week in Review

I didn’t post a week in review last week, so I have two weeks to catch up on!

Week of 2/10: 21.15 miles, 9:45 average pace

2/10: 4.04 miles, 9:25 pace

2/11: 3.02 miles, 9:16 pace (new PR!)

2/13: 4:09 miles, 9:47 pace

2/16: 10 miles, 10:02 pace

Week of 2/18: 23.64 miles, 9:49 average pace

2/18: 3.02 miles, 9:22 pace

2/19: 6:02 miles, 9:58 pace

2/20: 3.02 miles, 9:38 pace

2/22: 11.58 miles, 9:54 pace

I had quite a few fun runs the past two weeks.  In Atlanta, we had another ice storm the week of February 10th, but I managed to skip the treadmill and get all my runs in outside.  The day after the icestorm, a huge group showed up for our group run–we were all really tired of being inside!



For Valentine’s weekend, my boyfriend and I (and Skipper) went up to the North Georgia mountains with two other couplse.  We took it easy for a few days (read: we ate, drank, and played cards)–it was a really nice getaway!  When we got back, the weather in Atlanta was fantastic–65 degrees!  I grabbed a couple other ladies and we went for a run along Atlanta’s Beltline, which is a pedestrian path that circles the city.


This past week, I managed to get a running buddy to join me for my 5am 6 mile hill workout on Wednesday, and Thursday night was the New Balance Fresh Foam Launch! It truly was a great event.

Yesterday capped off the week with what I’ve classified as hands down, the hardest run I’ve ever done.  As part of my training group for the Publix Georgia Half Marathon, we did an 11 mile “hill” workout in and around the Chastain Park area.  You guys–I’ve never done such intense hills, and I actively train on hills.  The good news is that my IT band felt great afterwards….the bad news is that my Achilles tendon did not.  I haven’t had any issues with my Achilles before, but I was hurting yesterday.  I’ve been popping Ibuprofen and icing a few times a day, but I’m definitely going to have to scale back running for this week (maybe even a complete rest week).  Anyone have any advice?

To end on a positive note, I want to talk about the nerdy thing I’ve been doing.  I started a detailed running log in excel to track my times, progress, and splits.  One of the first things I noticed when I did this a couple of weeks ago was that my first mile was often significantly slower than my mile 2–to the tune of 30+ seconds (sometimes, as much as a minute!).  Over the past two weeks I’ve been working to start a little faster and narrow the gap between the first two miles, and I’ve gotten it down to what seems like a good range (less than 5 seconds, but still working with negative splits the entire run).  This has taken my average pace from a little over 10 minutes a mile to 9:47 over the past two weeks!  Now, if I can just keep myself healthy, we’ll be good.

Have a great week, everyone!

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