Week In Review

Hi all! I hope you had a great week.

I had another week where I was a inconsistent in my training. I’ve found that in the mornings, I sit on the couch with some coffee and then I don’t want to get up off the couch. This week, I’m going to try not sitting on the couch until my workout is complete!

This week, I did one cross training day (45 minutes stationary bike), a three mile run at 10:35 pace, and a long run of 8 miles at 11:17 pace (last two miles at 10:49 pace).  The good news is that all three workouts felt great, it just took a lot of motivation to get out there.  I’m going to remind myself of this later this week when I am lacking motivation.  I am also reminding myself of the people who cannot run who are fighting cancer.  I bought myself a NYC Marathon hat, and wore it on my long run!


I did some shopping on Saturday and found a dress for Christina’s wedding for only $14 at Ross!! I always forget about that store and always find dresses there.  I also got this really cool lamp for my home office.


In other news, I kicked off my fundraising, though I am STILL making hats.  I got so many orders last month and I really underestimated how long it would take to make them all! I still have about 7 to make, I’m hoping to knock most of them out this week.

So far, I’ve raised $766 of my total goal of $10,000!! I’m thrilled with the progress but hope to keep the momentum going.  I’ve sent out a bunch of emails, and plan to continue to send around 50 a week.  It’s taking a lot of work, but I’m keeping at it.  More to come soon.

In the meantime, if you would like to make a donation, you can visit my participants page here.

How was your week? How are you doing with your motivation this winter? Don’t forget to link up below!


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  1. Congrats on a great week of training! I also raised money for charity for my NYC Marathon run–it was definitely a ton of work, but it felt amazing to see it all pay off in the end. Keep on it and don’t be afraid to give people lots of nudges to donate 🙂

      • Oh man–so much advice 🙂 Our minimum was $3,500 and I raised over $4,000. I would say to cast your net really, really wide and don’t overlook extended family, colleagues, family friends, etc. Also, make your story as personal and compelling as possible. And definitely focus on emails and letters vs. social media posts–you’ll get a lot more/more meaningful engagement that way. Best of luck–it’s an exciting journey!!

  2. I have a definite morning routine for early runs. I leave all my clothes in the bathroom the night before (including any fuel I need to eat – but I rarely eat before a run). I wake up and head straight for the bathroom. I get ready and do all the things and then I leave the house. That’s it. No stopping to do anything else. I just get up and go. Otherwise I’d never make it out the door!

    • I tried something similar this morning – though I have to have some time between “wake up” and “run” to make the bathroom thing happen if you know what I mean. That’s usually when I get in trouble…I sit on the couch to wait!! LOL

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