Week In Review

Hi all!

How was your week? I had a great week and am finally feeling back to myself. Here is how this week went:

Monday: 4 miles at 10:40 pace.  A solid run that felt really good!

Tuesday: Barre class.  I met Amanda at Pink Barre and got a good leg burn in.

Wednesday: Rest day.  I had a very busy day with meetings starting early, so decided to make this a rest day.

Thursday: 4 miles at 10:52 pace.  I did this run over lunch which was such a nice way to break up the day!

Friday: Rest day.  I intended to do cross training after work but ended up relaxing instead.

Saturday: 9 miles at 11:13 pace.  I met up with MARC and my friend Tracey which made these miles fly by! It was a beautiful morning and just perfect for a long run.  Tracey and I gabbed the entire run and I felt really good!


Total Miles for the Week: 17

This week was significant because I really felt like myself for the first time in awhile when it came to my training.

Next weekend is Rock n Roll DC! Make sure to follow along with me on Instagram for photos from the weekend! I’ll be running it with my dad and my sole goal is to finish with him.  The weather is looking nice so I hope to feel good during the run, as well.  If I could run it around an 11:00 pace I’d be very pleased with that.

In other news, we got some new family room pieces that I am just so excited about.  We’ve been using a coffee table for a TV Console for literally about 6 years.  We finally upgraded to an actual unit as well as matching end tables!

Here is the before:


And here is the “after”


We love this new unit, and it has great media storage:


We also got new end tables that have a similar look/feel:


Late this afternoon, we took Skipper next door to hang with our neighbors and he got to play with their dog.  They got along great and are already best buds.  I can tell they are going to enjoy hanging out together:


I’m keeping this week short so that I can go work on my fundraising! I am hosting a 50/50 March Madness Pool if any of you are interested.  50% of the pool goes towards my fundraising.  More details here.

Don’t forget to join my linkup with Jessie from The Right Fits!

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  1. I’m loving the new furntiure in your home – it looks great!

    Have a great time this weekend. I think it’s awesome that you are running with your dad and DC is a great city.

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