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Hello!!! How was your week? I had a solid week that capped off with a half marathon PR and some solid fundraising!! Read on below!


I really am feeling more like myself when it comes to running, which makes me so happy.  I took it easy this week since I had my race on Saturday:

Monday – 3 mile run at 10:41 average pace

Tuesday – rest day, 90 minute sports massage

Wednesday – 4 mile run at 10:24 average pace.  Splits: 10:53/10:38/10:24/9:40

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest, travel to DC! I got a lot of steps in between the airport and the expo.  After I landed in DC, my dad, sister, and I went to the expo to get our bibs.  I also got a visor for summer running and a new pint glass for my collection.

Saturday – Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon – Official Finish 2:09:22, a new PR (previous PR 2:10:11).  I will be writing a recap of this race separately to post later this week, but this PR was very, very unexpected.  I went into this race thinking I would finish around 2:25, but would be happy with a 2:20 just based on the break I took from training.  However, the rest, good fueling of race week, cold weather, and having my dad next to me really helped.  I was very surprised and thrilled with how good I felt!

After the finish of the Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon!

After the finish of the Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon!

The race was a ton of fun and my dad also had a great time.  We have already signed up for our next half marathon, the Navy – Air Force Half Marathon in September!!

Sunday – Rest and fly back to Atlanta.  I plan to take a hot bath tonight.  I’m feeling surprisingly good, but am definitely a sore and stiff.  I’d like to take it easy this week but still get in some workouts and runs.  I have another half marathon coming up in a month.  The race this weekend, combined with my fundraising efforts and the break I took from running last month has really reignited my motivation for training.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in the fall.

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I focused most of this week on individualized emails, and it paid off! As of this morning, I have raised a total of $1558 towards my goal of $10,000!!

I sent 46 emails and 17 follow up emails.  As a result, I received 8 donations totaling $460, with the average donation being $57.50.  I had a 13% success rate on my emails last week.  I also received 2 commitments for donations that I will follow up on in a couple of weeks.  If I include these donations commitments, my emails had a 16% success rate!

I have been surprised at the dollar amounts of the donations I have received.  I planned for a lot more smaller donations ($10ish), but have found that I have received a significant number of donations for either $50 or $100.  In fact, 44% of my donations have been $50 or above.

One other thing I am trying a Booster campaign, which was very easy to set up.  I decided to design a Boston-themed shirt, which will arrive to the recipients in time for the marathon.  I’m offering them in a men’s/unisex short sleeve, a men’s/unisex long sleeve, and a women’s cut short sleeve.  You can see the images below – click here to view the page and order.

boostermens boosterlongsleeve boosterwomensshirt

I also spent quite a bit of time beginning the planning/coordination for several different campaigns which I will be detailing more out in my March fundraising recap.  The activities include events, blog content, and new items to sell.  I’ve found that since the fundraising is constantly on my mind, inspiration is striking often.  I’d like to be able to do all the ideas at once, but I’m going to need to space them out.

Realistically, these first few months are not just about getting donations, but figuring out what the best use of time is for fundraising.  So I have a bunch of different things I’m trying and I don’t expect them all to be successful.  By the time summer rolls around, I should have a solid plan for the back half of my fundraising.

My goal is to raise $2500 total by the end of the month, and I am on track to make that happen with all the things I have in the pipeline.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for my 50/50 March Madness bracket!

Overall, it was a fantastic week and I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made in both the training and fundraising fronts.

How was your week? Anyone race this past weekend? Don’t forget to link up below with Jessie and I!!

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  1. Congrats on your PR and to your dad for running his first half! I know that must have been such a great experience!

  2. Congratulations Jess! What a great PR and how fun that you weren’t even expecting it! It’s almost as though all the pressure was off and it was just for fun.

    So cool that your dad ran it with you!

  3. Yay! Another PR. You are awesome! Congratulations, and great job with the fundraising. Keep crushing it!

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