Week In Review: March 21-27

Hello! It’s been a good week for training, and I’ve been focusing really hard on getting my piriformis as close to 100% before race day.  In addition to taking it a bit easy as far as mileage goes, I also have been really focusing on stretching and foam rolling! I’m feeling great! Here’s how this week looked:

Monday: 45 minutes stationary bike, 15 minutes light strength exercises – decided to take it easy to start the week and get myself back into it.  Netflix made this fly by.

Tuesday: 3 miles @ 11:01 pace.  I slept a little too late, or else I probably would have done more miles.  This was a chilly run but felt great!

Early morning run

Early morning run

Wednesday: Rest Day.  I had a very long day at work on Tuesday and another one on tap for Wednesday, so I took a rest day. No regrets here.

Thursday: 4.76 miles @ 10:53 pace.  I miscalculated my route and I’ll admit that I was too lazy to do the last .24 miles once I got to my house.  However, this run felt good, with the exception of the second mile when I tripped on the sidewalk and completely bit it, skinning my knee in the process.  It didn’t look that bad at first but it’s looking a lot worse now and is still super tender.  Ow!

Busted up knee after 5 days.  Sidenote...still loving my floors!

Busted up knee after 5 days. Sidenote…still loving my floors!

Friday: Physical Therapy (included strength exercises).  My PT was happy with my progress and said he saw a huge difference.  We did a lot of strength and balance exercises after he worked on my piriformis.  He gave me the green light for my race and to do a longer run over the weekend.

Also, I moved into a new (and better) office at work!! I’m loving having a window for some natural light during the day!

New office

New office

Brian and I also finished Season 4 of House of Cards….any suggestions of what we should watch now?

Saturday: Volunteering at Atlanta Women’s 5k; 25 minutes stationary bike, 12 minutes rowing machine.  Carrie and I met up early to hand out bibs and t-shirts for the 5k.  We had a great time and I loved giving back! Being around all those women made me even more excited for our girls weekend!  I did some cross training in the afternoon while watching Grey’s Anatomy (I’m still on season 10….trying to catch up!)

Volunteering with Carrie

Volunteering with Carrie

Sunday: 10 miles @ 10:50 pace.  I went to bed thinking I was going to have to run in the rain, only to wake up and find out that the rain wasn’t going to start until after lunch.  It was still overcast and extremely humid, but I was still happy!  The trail was pretty empty since it was Easter.

Silver Comet Trail on a dreary Sunday

Silver Comet Trail on a dreary Sunday

I had 8-10 miles on deck, my plan was to evaluate how I was feeling at 8 and push to 10 if I was feeling good.  I’ll admit that the first few miles were really rough – the pollen and humidity had me feeling sluggish. I just kept telling myself that it would get better and it did! In fact, by the time I did my turn-around I was feeling pretty good! I did a fast finish with the last 3 miles around a 10:00 pace.  I was so happy to get this run in and feel strong during it.  My piriformis felt fantastic, though admittedly my legs felt tired after.

Going into race week, I’m feeling optimistic for a strong race.  I don’t have any expectations for a fast time, but I’m hoping I can run smart and feel good about my performance.  Of course, I’m excited to spend the weekend with my girlfriends, too!

How was your week?

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