Week in Review

I had a good training week.  Brian and I stuck to our food prep, and I logged 14.44 miles.  In addition,  I did stretching and some mild strength training exercises 3 mornings this week, and met Kim at the gym this morning for cross training.  I mentioned before that one of my goals is to remain injury free in 2014, so I’m trying to make sure I do cross & strength training each week.  This week, I did the bike for cardio, and did arm weights, ab exercises, and single-leg squats for my glutes.  I hadn’t done single-leg squats before, but they were definitely effective!  We also recorded my running form as I’m trying to improve it after our Good Form Running Class.  I’m getting better at not heel striking, but I’m not consistent.  I still have some work to do!

Running recap 


Wednesday: 3 mile evening run, average pace of 10:10/mile.  This was my first run of the week, and after starting back into school (Monday and Tuesday nights after work) I REALLY needed the stress relief.  I felt so much better after this run!

Thursday: 4 mile evening group run at Big Peach Running Company.  I met some more new folks, including another woman who is running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in April.  She was the same pace as me, so we may do some training together.  After the run, some of us went next store for a beer–which tasted SOOOO good.  Average pace of 10:20/mile.

Saturday: Training group run for the Publix Half Marathon – 7 miles.  It was FREEZING cold here, 25 degrees, but luckily I had the gear for it.  I really started feeling good around 4 miles in, and I totally PR’d with my best time ever, a 10 minute mile average pace!  I also got my training shirt and met a few new people.

Also on Saturday, I finally hung my medal holder that I received for Christmas.  My friend Jessica made this for me.  It was such a great gift–not only thoughtful, but hand-made, which I really appreciate!  I hung it in my study nook for inspiration as I’m studying…which I’ll be doing the rest of the day today, with some food prep in between.  Hope everyone has a great week!




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