Week in Review – 2 weeks until Hotlanta Half!

Another week down! I have 2 weeks until my next half marathon, the Hotlanta Half.  I’ll be running it as a training run as part of my base building for marathon training.  I am an official ambassador for the race!  If you want to join me, use code HOTJESSICA5OFF for a discount on your registration!

Monday – 4 miles @ 10:38 pace.  This run was so hard, it was 100% humidity outside and around 70 degrees at 6am (but not raining).  I just had a really hard time breathing despite using my inhaler, and I felt it in my chest later in the day and had some coughing later too.  I was happy to try out my new shoes, though!

Tuesday – Barre.  I hadn’t been in a couple of weeks, but it was great to get my legs burning!

Wednesday – Rest. It was another 100% humidity day and honestly, I just couldn’t bring myself to run in it again so I switched my Friday rest day to today.

Thursday – 3 miles @ 10:23 pace. It was a lot cooler this morning (in the 50s!!) and I tested out my other new shoes, the Nike Zoom Structure.  This run felt great!

Friday – 3 miles @ 10:15 pace.  Another cool and quick run.  I tried to savor these temps because I think it will be the last 50ish degree run I have until the fall.

I went to the allergist for a follow up to my appointment last year where I got diagnosed with exercise induced asthma.  I mentioned to him how hard of a time I’ve been having on my runs.  He gave me a different inhaler to try if it doesn’t get better in the next couple of weeks as my body adjusts.  We will see how I feel in a couple of weeks before I decide to get it filled.

Also, I’ve gotten some questions about how I will still get carbs in while being Gluten Free.  It’s been super easy, I promise! I can still eat GF versions of bread and pasta, but I can also eat things like quinoa, rice, and potatoes.  Here is a photo of the dinner I made myself Friday night – steak strips, roasted red potatoes, and sauteed kale and spinach.

Saturday – 10 miles @ 10:58 pace. I met up with my run group which was a great way to keep my mind off the heat and humidity.  I also enjoy doing my long runs with others because it forces me to go slow enough to talk!  I ran this run in my new Adidas and I’m not crazy about how I was feeling towards the end.  I ran in both those and the Nikes this week, and I think I like the Nikes better.  I’m going to give them both a few more runs before I make a decision, though.  I also did this run in my Second Skin compression shorts and loved how they stayed in place and stayed dry during the run.  My only gripe with them is that there are NO pockets at all, not even a little one for a key.  I don’t like wearing my flip belt if I can help it, so I may only use these for speedwork and shorter runs.  We’ll see.  I loved the way they felt!!

I spent a few hours at the pool later that day and hung out with my neighbors that evening.  It was a great day!

Sunday – Rest Day.  I plan to be productive today and rest up.  Tomorrow I am running a 5k at the cidery for memorial day!

Total Miles for the Week: 20

I’m so pleased to have gotten up to 20 miles last week.  I plan to hold between 20-25 miles over the next few weeks before I officially begin training for the NYC Marathon.

It was my 3rd week Gluten Free and I’m still feeling great!! As far as fundraising, I didn’t have a chance to work on it much, but I plan to ramp up emails this week again.  I’d like to hit my next milestone of $7500 by the end of June if possible.

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  1. Running in the humidity is super difficult for me as well – it just sucks all the energy out of you! I like your new Nike sneakers – love the colors! Glad you are having such success with your GF diet.

  2. I just found you blog (and link-up) via Kim at Kooky Runner. I”ll try to remember to link my “wrap up” post next week with you gals 😉

  3. That humidity…wow! Sounds like a killer. I hope your new inhaler helps. I actually am realizing that I have seasonal allergies. I thought I just had a cold that would never go away, but then stared taking Claritin and feel 100% better during the day! Amazing how that works 🙂

    The cider 5k sounds awesome!

  4. I feel like we should get to say we went swimming at the same time as running when out in 100% humidity. It’s shaping up to be a great summer for practicing the run through thick air…lol!

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