Week in Review – 2 Weeks until Savannah!

Whew!! Welcome to my weekly recap.  It’s been quite a week, and I’m feeling strong (and sore).

If you remember, each week in 2017, I’m going to be spending less time detailing my training and more time detailing my activities that will bring me closer to my goal of raising $10,000 for charity in 2017.  I do this to not only hold myself accountable, but to give you all insight into the work it takes to reach such a big goal.

Here is how my training and fundraising for the last week looked.


I had a really solid week of workouts.

Monday – rest.

Tuesday – Barre (55 minutes)

Wednesday – 3 miles @ 11 minute pace, 60 minute sports massage

Thursday – Barre (55 minutes)

Friday – 3 miles @ 11:16 pace

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 9 miles at 10:45 pace, fast finish last 2 miles

Total miles for the week: 15

My focus this week was strength training, and I ended up going to a barre class twice this week…my first time doing two barre classes in one week! I was so sore most of the week, but it had subsided before my long run this morning.  The run was HOT and humid and pollen-filled, but I used my inhaler and I was totally fine! I felt really strong during the run which made me so happy.  I really am feeling back to myself.


In 13 days, I’ll be running the Savannah Women’s Half Marathon again.  I am undecided on my strategy for this race, I’ll likely wait until a couple days before the race to decide and base it on the weather forecast.  The main purpose of this race will be to run in memory of a friend of the family who passed away from cancer.  I will be sharing his story on April 6th, so be sure to stop back by then to learn more about him, as well as to learn more about this customized tank I will be wearing & how you can get one customized for yourself!



Woohoo! Another amazing week of fundraising! This week, I raised an additional $1,046.  That means that as of this moment when I’m typing this, I’ve raised a total of $3,939 for cancer research!!

I hit another major milestone this week – halfway to my minimum commitment of $7500.  Because I’m halfway, I will now get my official Fred’s Team singlet, and I can’t wait to start wearing it.  I’ve done a ton of planning and work for the activities I will be launching in April, but the money received this week was all a result of emails I have been sending.

One thing that has really touched me deeply throughout the past 6 weeks is how incredibly common cancer is.  I have had so many stories shared with me of people who have been impacted by cancer.  I started writing down names and put the following memorial up in my home gym:


The yellow stickies represent people who have beat cancer, the pink are for those currently fighting.  The blue post-its are for those who have passed as a result of cancer.  Every time I look at this, my heart breaks.  There are too many blue stickies.  It really has given my runs more purpose and made me more determined to dedicate this year to fundraising.

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At the end of next week, I’ll be sharing a full fundraising recap with you for the month of March.

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  1. Congrats on a solid week of training, including those two barre classes! It looks like your fundraising is coming along so well! I think it’s awesome that you are using so many different ways to be creative and fundraise for a great cause.

  2. Two barre classes, I’m so jealous! I didn’t fit in any strength this week…I miss barre 🙁

    I am so, so impressed by your fundraiser and that memorial in your gym is really neat.

    Great post!

  3. What a great cause. My dad beat cancer four times but that feeling of dread that it might come back never really goes away. Well done on a great week of training and thanks for setting up with link-up with the other Jess. Read both your blogs today and really enjoyed them! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You make a great point – even beating cancer doesn’t give full relief. I can’t wait to see a world without cancer.

  4. Great week of training.
    I am excited about seeing you in Sav.

    My training was only like half decent before because I was just easing in; however, with over a week off (maybe more) due to shingles it could be ugly.

    Now it is all about fun.

    • I had a similar experience last year. I ended up finding a woman during the race and paced her to her PR. Maybe you can do the same! I hope that if you aren’t feeling well still though, you will listen to your body. I’ll text you this week to finalize plans!

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