Week in Review & A HUGE Fundraising Milestone!

Hi! I’m here for another weekly update, though this one will be short.


I did not train last week to give my body recovery from my half marathon last weekend.  I went out for a short run (~4 miles) yesterday.  From an endurance perspective, I felt great, but my legs were still tired and my calves were really tight.  I’m hoping that a lot of rolling and stretching will get me back on track this week, though I will do some lighter workouts if needed.

Also, I realize I promised you all a recap on my half marathon and I still promise that’s coming.  🙂  If I’m being honest, this blog has just taken a back burner because I’ve been focusing so much on my fundraising.  Work is super crazy right now, as well.  I have a half marathon coming up at the beginning of April in Savannah that I’m just hoping to run as a training run to finish, but we’ll see how my body is feeling by then.  After that, I’ll be in base building mode for marathon training, which will kick off in July.


As a reminder, I’m on a mission to raise $10,000 to run the NYC Marathon with Fred’s Team, which supports cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.  You can read more about why I’m doing this, as well as make a donation, here.

My focus on my fundraising efforts are really starting to pay off. I had a huge week in fundraising!  This time last week, I was at around ~$1500.  As of this moment, I am sitting at $2,893 raised towards cancer research!! Yes – you are reading that right.  I nearly doubled my fundraising total this past week and have already blown my March milestone of $2500 out of the water!

Week in review - $2800 raised for @fredsteam in one month! #nycmarathon Click To Tweet

I did this through three avenues: 50/50 fundraiser ($210), small business donation ($250), and individual donations (the balance).  I did get one very substantial individual donation of $500 which was unexpected from a former coworker, who has two friends from high school battling brain cancer.   I developed a tracking spreadsheet and created my own metrics for my individual emails, which led to some great insights and ultimately lots of donations.  I plan to share those in a separate post.

I also started planning a couple of events, which will be exciting.  I must admit I’m nervous about these because…what if no one shows up?! But, I am planning these far enough in advance I think we will get good attendance.

Finally, I started working on some new crocheted items to sell! I plan to make a bunch of these baby girl headbands and sell them on Etsy, with 100% of the proceeds towards fundraising.


That’s all for now.  Make sure to link up below, and check in with Jessie on her training for the Boston Marathon!!


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  1. Way to listen to your body Jess- not all runners are as smart as you 🙂

    Those headbands are really cute- I’m going to check our your etsy link to buy for my nieces!

  2. OMG, that’s awesome! Congrats on hitting another amazing fundraising goal. I love all the different ways that you are raising money for sure a great cause.

  3. Congrats on doubling for your fundraiser, that is incredible! Those headbands are super cute. I am currently pregnant (5 weeks left!) with a baby girl. Please be sure to post your store link so I can get a few :).

    • Thanks so much! I’m still working out some glitches with the headband sizing…more to come.

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