Week in Review – San Francisco

Hi all!! I hope you had a great week! I have been going non-stop recently, and there isn’t an end in sight for a few weeks, so these recaps are going to stay short and sweet, and maybe photo heavy!

I took a break off of fundraising this week, and focused on eating well and getting a couple of workouts in.  At the end of the week, Brian and I went to San Francisco, our first time visiting the west coast!! We completely fell in love.  The weather was perfect and I almost cried when I had to leave!

Monday – rest.  I was still feeling ill from my new medication, but started feeling better in the evening.  I focused on eating well and refueling.  Good news – I am feeling almost normal now, so maybe things are going to be okay with these meds!

Tuesday – 3 mile run at 11:04 pace

Wednesday – Orange Theory Fitness.  It was power day, and we did a TON of all out sprints.  I did a total of just under 3 miles on the treadmill, plus strength.  I was totally wiped at the end of class.  I did my all out sprints at a 7:19 pace on the treadmill…I thought I was going to fly off!!!

Thursday – rest and travel to San Fran in the evening

Friday – rest and walked all over San Francisco

Saturday – 3 mile run along the Bay.  Hands down, a contender for one of the best runs I’ve ever had.  It was so amazing! Perfect weather and great views.

Sunday – rest and more exploring, took the red eye home to Atlanta.

I feel like I don’t have the energy tonight to really do justice to how amazing the weekend in San Fran was, so I will have to do another post recapping all the things we did.  For now, I’ll leave you with a few teaser photos, and I’m going to go take a bath and go to bed!! Enjoy!

How was your week? Don’t forget to link up with Jessie and I!!

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  1. I went to San Diego last year and I really loved it! Next time I go to California I would love to check out San Francisco – it seems like such an amazing city with SO much to do!

  2. The San Fran half marathon is my second greatest running experience/race ever. Running the bay and the roadbed of the Golden Gate is so hard to put into words. Just incredible. I’m so glad you are starting to feel better on your meds and that you and Brian enjoyed your trip! :)))

    • I want to do one there as well! I think a half marathon or the bay to breakers would be cool!

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