Week in Review: Thanksgiving

Hi friends! How are you, did you have a great week?  It was awesome having a 4 day weekend, but I must admit I’m not looking forward to working a full week next week.

I had a really great week of workouts, though I took it relatively easy.  As usual, I’m linking up with Jessie from The Right Fits, don’t forget to add your link below!


Monday: Three miles at 10:34 pace, core + arms.  I felt a little winded on my run and my legs felt tight, still a little sore from my 5k last weekend. I worked from home this week, so I choose not to go to my barre class (the studio is close to my work, which is about 40 minutes from my house).  I wanted to still get some strength in, so I did 10 minutes of arms and core after the run.

Tuesday: 30 minutes stationary bike.  I did a hilly program and some good stretching afterwards.

Wednesday: Barre Class.  I had a dentist appointment in a different part of town that has a studio, so I took a class there to still get in some barre this week! It was a great class and totally burned out my legs.  The dentist was good as well…still no cavities!

Thursday: Three miles at 10:47 pace.  Thanksgiving!! I took this run easy, but my IT band was feeling a little tight towards the end.  I haven’t been stretching and rolling the same way I did during marathon training, so this was a good reminder to do this.

Friday: Rest.  My body felt so fatigued, I decided today would be a good rest day.  I did some stretching and rolling.

Saturday: Deep Stretch Yoga Class.  I hadn’t been to a yoga class in person in forever, but I still had some classes left on my account so I drove over there to take it.  It was an awesome way to start my Saturday, and I so needed the easy class.

Sunday: 6.5 miles at 10:07 pace.  The extra days of rest and stretching made such a difference.  I’ve been mentally ready for a longer run most of the week but wanted to be patient until my body was ready.  This was one of those “I could go forever” runs…the trail was quiet and peaceful, the weather was perfect (45 degrees) and the run felt effortless for the most part.  It was my longest run since NYC and my body is ready to start building the mileage again.

The Silver Comet Trail

Total: 12.5 miles, 1 barre class, 1 cross training, 1 yoga class

Next week, I know I’m going feel tired from getting back to work and commuting, so I’m planning my week in a way that will allow some flexibility.  I intend to go to barre twice, get some tempo miles in, and increase my total mileage to around 16 miles next week.  I’m running a 10k on Dec 9th and am looking forward to pushing the pace a little in that race!

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We took it so easy this year, and I’m so grateful.  Brian and I have both traveled so much recently, we decided to stay in Atlanta and just make a meal for ourselves and Skipper.  We cooked up pepper crusted smoked ham, brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, and rolls! I made my first rolls ever, these gluten free rolls from What the Fork Blog.  When I say my first ever, I want to be very clear that I’ve never made bread of any kind…and I had never even used my stand mixer that my mom gave me 2 years ago!! I just don’t have a lot of confidence in the kitchen, so I was pretty nervous…but wanted the rolls enough to try it, haha.  They turned out pretty good, so I was happy.  It was easier than I thought it would be, so I’m excited to make them again.  Since trying to eat (mostly) gluten free, I’ve been pushed outside of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking, because in order to get things I really like that aren’t full of crap chemicals, I have to make it myself.  Not a bad thing at all, and my confidence around cooking is growing.

Also, I discovered a new local cider that I am just OBSESSED with! Treehorn Cidery’s “El Treeablo”.  I bought it on a whim – it’s a three chile pepper infused apple cider.  Y’all…if you are local and like cider and the flavor of peppers (think similar to a jalapeno margarita) you need this cider in your life.  Let’s just say I already need to make another cider run…

I didn’t do shopping this year, but I did sign up for a few races with discount codes this weekend.  I also took advantage of the extra time to tackle cleaning out a room that I’ve been putting off for some time now.  We are going to transform this front room into a game/social room of sorts, but over the past few months it’s become a catch-all junk room full of stuff I intended to “deal with later”.  Well…it’s all cleaned out now, and I even found 2 boxes that we hadn’t unpacked from moving in 2 years ago! Haha.  So I guess you can say we are officially moved in.

I forgot to take the “before” photo, but here is the “after” (with a bit of stuff still in here that I took to goodwill).  I’m thinking the bookcase will get relocated/removed, and I will add some seating and other storage solutions, as well as decorating the walls, etc.  It’s a blank slate right now so I’ll be looking for inspiration over the next few weeks!

Now it’s back to work and the real world.  How was your week? Don’t forget to link up below!


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  1. That trail looks lovely! Sounds like a perfect long run day/location.

    No cavities ever- how impressive! I haven’t had any as an adult, but I know I did as a kid…

    I love the sound of that cider- right up my alley. YUM!

  2. Low-key Thanksgiving celebrations are the best!

    I agree, it was great having a 4 day weekend. I’m not looking forward to work this week since it’s going to be super busy – ugh!

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