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Hi friends! How has your week been? I just can’t believe it’s been over a week since my marathon and my huge PR! This week in review is going to be short because I took a full week off of running & exercise following my marathon.  I was planning to get a short run in Saturday, but came down with a head-cold starting Thursday night, so have been just taking it easy this weekend.  I’m planning to get back into it this week.

Since I don’t have much running wise to share, I thought I’d share some of the other activities that have taken place this week!

Last Sunday (the day after the marathon), Brian and I went with our friends Jess and John for food and to check out some cideries/breweries in the Scott’s Addition area of Richmond.  We started at Boulevard Burgers & Brews where I had a huge burger and tots to start the day. We then went to Buskey Cider, Blue Bee Cider, and Isley Brewing. We were looking at going to a couple of other breweries but ran out of time.  My favorite spot of the day had to be Buskey Cider, it reminded me a lot of the Cidery here in Atlanta.  They had a ton of different varieties and their cider was fantastic! My favorite was their signature, the RVA Cider. I highly recommend checking it out if you are into cider.





I flew back to Atlanta on Monday, and went back to work on Tuesday.  Tuesday night I had a sports massage and was feeling back to myself Wednesday.  This has probably been the easiest marathon recovery I’ve had to date!

Thursday I got to go support Brian as he got awarded a fellowship for the second year from the ARCS foundation.  There was a luncheon at the Ritz in downtown Atlanta.  My office is very close to there, so I was able to slip away and attend, which was great.  I am so proud of him!


This weekend has been very low key.  I ended up taking it easy on Friday and Saturday.  I was running a slight fever on Friday so worked from the couch/slept most of the day.  Saturday I had a bit more energy but still took it easy.  I have to admit it was nice to sleep in and be lazy!

Today, I finally had my energy back so Brian and I ran some errands, and then I tackled some purging I’ve been meaning to do.  I cleaned out my dresser and brought out all my cold weather running clothes from under the bed.  I also cleaned out the closet in my office which still had a bunch of crap I never got rid of when we moved in here nearly a year ago.  My office is so much more organized now, and I even put up a little Christmas tree in there!  As the icing on the cake, I updated my PR board on my motivation wall with my new marathon PR time.


I’m looking so forward to getting back to running!!! The next few weeks are going to be unstructured, but I get back to training on December 19th for my Spring goal race.

I’m actually signed up for three half marathons in the Spring (whoops!).  The first will be in mid-February in Hilton Head for my friend Christina’s bachelorette party! I plan to use this race as a training run, so will do whatever my coach says to for it.  I’m also running the Savannah Women’s Half Marathon again in April.  I’m not sure yet what I will use this race for, but I’m excited for a weekend in Savannah with my friend Angie.

My goal race is March 11th, Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon.  I’m SOOO excited for this race for a few reasons.  I think the course and the time of year could give me good conditions for a PR.  Two years ago, this race was my first full marathon! But the most exciting reason is that I’ll be running this race with my dad, and it will be his first (official) half marathon.  My dad is a retired  Navy Master Chief, so to share his first half marathon with him while running through the nation’s capitol…I just can’t think of anything better.  He’s a bit faster than me, so he will hopefully help pace me to a half PR.  More on my goals for training as it gets closer!

How was your week? What’s next on your race calendar for the spring? Don’t forget to link up below!

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  1. I am possibly doing the Rock & Roll DC Half as well! Annnnnnd, after Richmond, my husband was inspired and wants to do a half – so he may be joining me!

    • Thanks!! It’s actually in my home office. We have a home gym but I didn’t want to overtake it with just MY stuff because then it wouldn’t be a combined space. I think we are just going to put up motivational quotes in there! This wall is my view when I’m working during the day from home 🙂

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