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Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week.  Don’t forget to link up below with Jessie and I with your weekly recap.


This week, I have no training to report.  You may remember last week I mentioned that I was really sick.  I caved and went back to the doctor on Monday and was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection.  I got some antibiotics and stronger cough meds.  I am finally feeling better, but couldn’t train for 7 days per the doctor.  Truthfully, today is the first day that I feel like I actually could, so it was easy to listen to the doctor.  I am feeling good and am excited to start marathon training for the NYC Marathon tomorrow!

Since I don’t have any training photos to share with you, I will share this updated photo of our garden.  We added cucumbers right before vacation, and they have really flourished! We’ve been getting SO MUCH rain (almost every day) and they are loving it.  The tomato plants have a lot of fruit, but it’s been too hot for them to ripen.  The pepper plants are surviving but it’s also too hot for them to bear fruit right now.  Regardless, Skipper loves going out with me and Brian every day to check on it.

Look at my garden, guys!


Since I couldn’t train this week, and I was on the couch most of the week when I wasn’t working, I focused on fundraising. My goal for this month is to get about $250 per week.  This week, I raised $318 through my email efforts.  I sent 50 emails, and I received 6 donations (2 of which were from emails I sent much earlier in the year, actually).  I am excited because this brings my total raised to date to $8,085!! I have less than $2k to reach my goal! AND, if you go to the Fred’s Team homepage, I am #3 for money raised to date.

In other fundraising news, one way that I have encouraged people to “donate up” is by committing to donating a hand-crocheted cap for local cancer patients for each donation of at least $100 I received.  To date, I have 21 hats to make! I got started on making the hats and completed 3.5 this week.  My plan is to work on them through November.  I also will be making some to sell for fundraising once the weather gets cooler.

Next week, my goal is to send another 50 emails and complete 2.5 more hats.  I will be back later this week with my goals for NYC Marathon training.

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  1. Glad that you are feeling better! I just love Skipper! He looks very proud of “his” garden, lol. You are doing such a wonderful job with fundraising – congratulations!

  2. Glad you are feeling better and back at it!

    Your garden looks amazing 🙂 Too bad that some of the veggies aren’t growing quite right though because of the heat…guess they struggle just like us runners 🙂

  3. Glad you are starting to feel better and congrats on fundraising.
    Oh my gosh I love Skippers face – Look at my garden, I did this!

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