Weekly Recap – 3 Weeks til Hotlanta Half

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week.  This week brought some more solid training, as well as a small heat wave to the southeast and mid-atlantic.  Most mornings were in the upper 60s/low 70s with humidity closet to 100%, and the days were topping out in the mid 90s.  A little preview of what the summer holds, I suppose.  Here is how the week went:

Monday – 4 miles @ 10:37 Pace. Solid run, though my legs were tight from some strength training I did the day before.

Tuesday – 1.5 mile walk with Skipper. My legs were super tight (specifically, my hamstrings) to the point that I thought it would be unwise to run.  I knew I needed to get them moving, so I took Skipper on a long walk instead which he loved.

Wednesday – Orange Theory Fitness (2.5 miles speedwork, leg focus for strength). Great class, though I will admit my mind wasn’t in it and the instructor had to call me out a few times.  Whoops.

Thursday – 3 miles @ 10:42 pace. Another sweaty run, I tried to take it easy.

Friday – Rest. My resting heart rate was high, and my legs felt so tired, so I took another rest day.

Saturday – 8 miles @ 10:58 pace. IT. WAS. HOT. I know the first few summer runs are hard but….dang.  I did the first 3 down the main road (so hilly and not too shady) and then I hit the trail for the last 5, which was a lot more pleasant.  The shade and flatness really helped me.  I sweated buckets during this run and definitely forgot to put Glide on my feet! Summer running is here, and I know it will make me stronger.

After the run, shower, and second breakfast, I had a bit of time so I cleaned out our pantry! It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do, but now that I have decided to go 100% gluten free it seemed like a good time to do it.  I also organized all our tupperware type containers which made me feel so good! I gave a bunch of non-GF friendly stuff to a neighbor, including a huge load of Clif Bars.

Then, I went and met my friend Sheena for a fundraiser.  She graciously donated her time to do photo sessions, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity! It was a great afternoon, but HOT! It got up into the 90s here.

Photo Shoot for Charity

That afternoon, Brian and I went and got some plants for our garden! I still have a few more to pick up, specifically cucumbers and some poblano peppers.  However, I’m excited with the start of our garden.  We even have some cherry tomatoes already coming in, and a little teeny pepper as well! I may get our first harvest this week.  I’ve never had a garden before so I’m excited to have some fresh veggies this year.


That evening, we cooked up some taco bowls and watched Netflix.  All the sun and activity meant I was in bed super early and slept hard.

Sunday – Rest.

It was a rainy morning, so I headed to the Gluten Free and Allergen Expo! My friend TJ told me about this, and it was perfect timing given my recent decision to go GF.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had success with my second week GF and am feeling better than ever, so it was an easy decision.  It was at a convention center not too far from my house.  It was set up much like a race expo, with lots of free samples and giveaways. I found some awesome bread, some GF Pasta, and some pizza dough mix.  I also got lots of samples and coupons.  I only spent about an hour there, but it was perfect for me! More to come as I start using all the stuff.

Afterwards, I ran some other errands and then went to Big Peach Running Company to get fitted for new shoes.  Last year, Pearl Izumi decided to exit the running business, so it was time to find some new shoes. I wanted to get some new ones before I really started marathon training.   I had them re-fit me since it’s been a couple of years, and I still need a shoe with slight structure for pronation. I tried on a bunch of different shoes, including Hokas, Mizunos, and Altras.  In the end though, I ended up with two shoes I liked a lot, but for different reasons.

Adidas Supernova ST – GAH! These have the most amazing spring and responsiveness.  I felt like I had mini, cushiony trampolines in my feet.  I really liked how energetic these shoes felt.  I can see wearing these on long runs and easier short runs.

Nike Air Zoom Structure – I was super skeptical of these but LOVED them when I put them on.  They are responsive like the Adidas, but lighter and faster.  These are going to be great for faster runs and speedwork, I think.

One thing I love about Big Peach is that they have a very liberal return policy.  If I do some runs in these and decide one or both aren’t for me, I can bring them back and they will work to find me something else.  Both of these shoes have a 10mm heel drop, whereas my Pearl Izumi’s had a 4mm, so I will need to be careful as I transition.  More to come as I start running in them.

Total miles for the week: 17.5

I had hoped to get closer to 20, but decided to listen to my body as I continue to ramp up after a very inconsistent winter/spring.  I should be able to hit 20 miles this week coming up, though.

I will also be able to really get back into some fundraising stuff, so more to come next week.

How did your week go? Don’t forget to link up with Jessie and I!

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  1. You had a really busy week! Sorry to hear that you are dealing with the heat in Atlanta. We had a few days of 90 degree weather here and I wanted to scream – I hate summer running. Love the sneakers you picked up – awesome colors!

    I can’t wait to hear about your experience at the GF Expo. I’m going to do some research and see if there is one near me!

  2. What a fun week Jess!
    I can’t believe how hot it is there already…BUT, I saw what happened last year when you trained all summer in the heat and then had a KILLER marathon in the cool Richmond temps. Clearly your body is getting really strong by training in the tough temps. I’m actually kind of jealous, as it was so rainy this whole week.
    Also happy to hear the GF is going well. Good luck with the new shoes- Big Peach sounds like such a GREAT store!

    • Thanks so much Jessie, that is EXACTLY what I am reminding myself of with each run, haha!

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