Weekly Recap – Holiday Madness!

Hi all!! How is your December going?

The holidays have me all kinds of crazy over here…and exhausted!!  This will be a very short update 🙂

Last week, the snow stuck around longer than I would have liked.  Between that and the many holiday commitments, I had little time or energy to do workouts.  I simply didn’t feel like it! My mind and body desperately need a break so I’m just going with the flow.

Icy run

I went to Barre twice last week and only ran once.  Not my best week from a workout perspective.  However, I had a funeral and 5 holiday parties…plus work responsibilities and Christmas shopping, etc.  I’m looking forward to January.

Festive Lights at Barre!

I’m trying to keep my eating on track and and have been very successful with continuing to meal prep, but still indulging when we are at parties, etc.  I tried the Frittata Muffins from Run Fast, Eat Slow (affiliate link) and they are delicious!

The next few weeks will be crazy and I want to spend time being present with friends and family.  I’ll be taking a break from updates until mid-January.  I hope you will join me in consciously being present with your loved ones and enjoying their company this holiday season.  You can keep up with my daily shenanigans on instagram. Happy holidays and happy new year, friends!!

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  1. Whoa – you certainly had a very busy week!
    Those Frittata Muffins look super yummy, I’ll have to try that recipe from the cookbook.

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