Weekly Recap – Recovery Week 2

Hi all!! I hope you had a great week.  Now that I’m done training for the NYC Marathon and done fundraising, I’ll get back to detailing out my weekly workouts.

This winter, I hope to build on the fitness I have coming out of marathon training and get a bit faster and stronger.  I have some 5ks and 10ks on the calendar, and I’m really excited for a different challenge!! My goal is to go to Barre 8 times a month (ideally, 2x a week) and run 3-4 days a week, building back up to around 20 miles per week.  It’s been so nice not having the pressure of marathon training hanging over me and knowing that I can be flexible with my workouts these next few months.

All that being said, here is how this week looked:

Monday – Barre at Pink Barre.  It felt great to be back at barre!! My legs felt a little unstable during some of the single-leg exercises, but I felt accomplished starting my week.

Tuesday – 3 miles at 11:08 pace.  Whew, these miles felt harder than they should have.  I took it easy for this run.  I love an easy 3 miles…I don’t have to get up so early!

New headband! It’s perfect for under my headlamp

My favorite expo purchase – these gloves have the 5 boroughs on them!

Wednesday – Barre at Pink Barre.  Back at the barre! After class, my friend Amanda and I went to breakfast and caught up.  We found a place close by that had gluten free pancakes and waffles…it was so good! She ran the NYC Marathon last year for charity, and has been so supportive of my efforts this year.  It was great to fill her in on my weekend and make plans for races next year.  We enjoyed breakfast so much we may make this a monthly tradition.

Thursday – Rest.  I was beat and sore from barre, so decided today would be a good rest day. Guess what came in the mail this week? My custom marathoner map from Run Ink!

Friday – 3 miles at 10:28 pace.  A work from home day meant I got to do this run in the daylight! I felt much better than earlier in the week and really felt more like myself.  And I got to wear my NYC Marathon participant shirt.

Saturday – 1.5 mile warmup, Smyrna Village 5k 

So I started this post on Friday evening, and originally wrote the below:

This spring, I’d like to shave some time off my 5k and 10k PRs (26:40 and 57:02); how much I can is a question.  I’m going to aim for a sub 25 in the 5k.  I’m not sure if that’s realistic, but it gives me something to work toward!  These shorter distances will be my focus through March, and then I’ll start base building for a marathon training cycle to start in June (more on that in another post).

Saturday, I decided to run a local 5k to see where my base fitness was coming out of marathon training.  It was a great morning (45 degrees) and a flat course, so I thought this would be a GREAT test.  When I was doing my warmup I felt really good so I was hopeful I could pull out a PR.  The race was only a couple of miles from my house with race morning packet pickup, so logistics were a breeze.  I knew quite a few people there so I figured it would be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

Y’all, I ran a HUGE PR!! Official time was 24:53!!!  Not only was this a monster PR for me, but since it was a small race, I won second overall female.  I walked away with pie and a gift card to the local running store.  I also got a long sleeve finisher shirt.  In addition, the race photos were free! Quite a good morning for a small, local race.  I really enjoyed myself and will likely keep this race on my calendar each year.

Local made key lime pie and gift card…yay!

Regarding the race, it was an out and back course shared with a 10k.  Most of the faster runners actually ran the 10k, and I was glad I chose the 5k, more because I haven’t felt like longer distances since the marathon.  It was the perfect race to do post marathon, and I got to wear my NYC Marathon finisher shirt!

I was really proud of how well I paced this – my splits were 8:04/7:58/7:58 with a final push the last .1 at a 7:36 pace.  I felt strong and controlled during the first mile, strong but starting to feel a little tired the second mile, and strong but pushing it hard the last mile.  I realized about halfway through that I could come close to my 25-minute goal, and the last mile I knew I could do it as long as I didn’t let off the gas.  I’m still in shock I was able to do it!

Rounding to the finish

Realizing I’m about to PR and take 2nd place!


After the race, I hung around at home with Brian and his dad, who is in town visiting.  And ate pie, of course.

Sunday – Rest.

I woke up actually decently sore from Saturday, specifically my core and glutes.  The good news is this means I was firing my glutes during the race! We had another lazy day, doing some food prep and just relaxing.

Weekly total – 2 barre classes, 10.6 miles

Week in review - Barre, a 5k, and PIE! Click To Tweet

I’m feeling so motivated and excited coming out of this week.  I’m feeling 95% recovered from the marathon and am energized to chase some new goals.  I’ve been running for 4 years, and have never kept myself healthy enough long enough to really do speedwork consistently.  I’m curious what can happen with a few months of focused work on speed and strength.

I hope you had a great week! Don’t forget to linkup below!

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    • Thank you!! I’m excited to build on this momentum over the next few weeks, especially with the holidays coming up.

  1. First of all, congratulations on your huge 5k PR! What a stellar race. It sounds like it was perfect (location, weather, logistics, pacing)- wow! Way to go.

    Love the Run Ink map. Very cool! I checked out the site and their stuff is awesome. I’m still figuring out what to do with my 6 Star Medal…

    I am happy to follow your training again- 2x week of barre is my goal but it rarely happens 🙂

    • Thanks Jessie! It really was such a good race and fun experience, I love it when a super casual race comes together so nicely like that, especially after an ordeal like NYC with the travel, logistics, etc.

      Yes, Run Ink has some really cool stuff and I love seeing what she is creating on instagram. They make GREAT gifts for the runners in your life. I’ve seen her do some maps with two names/bibs/times on them, those could be cool for you and Dustin!

  2. Well done on your new PR – I often find marathon training can make a difference to shorter distances too.
    And a huge congratulations on raising so much for charity. That’s incredible!

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