Weekly Training Recap

Half marathon training weekly running recap

Hi everyone! It’s the last week of my “offseason” and I focused on getting back into a routine.

Here’s how my training this week went:

Monday: 4 miles @ 10:37 pace.  I got these in before work and felt great starting the week off on the right note.

Tuesday: Cross training – 30 minutes stationary bike + 10 mins glute/hip exercises.  I did the “rolling hills” program on my bike and kept the strength training light since I haven’t done it in….months?! I focused mostly on PT type exercises to work my glutes and hips.

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 10:22 pace. Nothing special about these miles, but a good way to start the day.  I was glad I kept the strength exercises light the day prior because I was a little sore just from that little bit I did…

Thursday: Rest.  This was supposed to be a cross training day but I just needed the sleep in the morning.  After work, we cracked a bottle of wine while cooking dinner and the next thing I knew, I was in bed at 8:30.  Very relaxed, but no workout.

Friday: 3 miles @ 10:23 pace.  A cold front moved in and it was in the teens in the morning, so I waited until my lunch break to do this since I was working from home!  Later that night, my fleece blanket ended up on the floor by accident when I got off the couch briefly (I didn’t notice) and when I walked back in the room, I found that Skipper had claimed it as his own! He was ready to get cozy.


Saturday: 7 miles @ 10:32 pace.  I got out early and beat the cold rain.  It was chilly and dreary, and I ran half of this run on my normal morning route, and the other half on the trail. At my halfway point, I was sad to discover that the water fountains are now turned off for the winter.  I will have to start stashing or carrying water again on my runs.  I was grateful to get home and put on sweatpants!


Sunday: 30 mins stationary bike.  I was supposed to go to barre, but a really terrible storm moved in right as I was supposed to leave the house.  The studio is 30 mins away and I just didn’t want to drive in the rain that far.  So I stayed home and opted for the stationary bike.

Total miles for the week: 18 <—my highest mileage since my marathon last month!

You may notice that my paces were significantly quicker than they have been recently.  This week, I ran without looking at my Garmin all week.  I probably ran slightly faster than I should have, but not by much.  I think there is a chance I had been running too slow in the past (in an effort to not run too fast….).

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Next week is the official start of my spring half marathon training! I’ll be running the Rock n Roll DC half marathon on March 11th.  I’ll be working with my coach again and I’m so excited to see what I can do this spring.

The other exciting this that happened this week? I started up my accountability group on Facebook! We’ve had quite a few people join, and it’s been fun to engage with others to help keep ourselves on track.  If you want access, make sure you sign up for my newsletter below!  Don’t forget to link up your weekly training recap.  You all have been quiet with your training!

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  1. I love how Skipper was kind of giving you the side eye in that photo LOL
    I currently do not have any spring races on my calendar so I don’t think I will start officially training for anything any time soon. but I am planning on getting back to a routine come January!

  2. Great week of training! I 150% advocate not looking at your garmin for a while. Learning to run by feel will really help get faster (or has for me!). in any given week I am running paces from high 7’s to almost 11 min miles based on the effort level I am putting forth on that run.

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