Why You Should Become a Morning Runner

I’ve been a morning runner for most of the three years I’ve been running.  What started as a necessity because of a busy schedule in the evenings while getting my MBA part time has become a routine that I crave. In my next post, I’ll give tips on making morning workouts a habit, but first, I have to convince you to give it a try.  I realize that morning running doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle, but if you’ve ever even remotely considered the idea, read on.

Reasons why you should become a morning runner

First of all, right now is the perfect time to give this a go. Why? Because it’s hot as hell out there. It’s usually about 20 degrees cooler in the morning which makes a big difference in the summer.
Here are some other reasons I love being a morning runner.

It’s quiet. This has to be one of my favorite things about my morning run. The streets I run are busy in the evenings, but sleepy early in the morning, which makes the run so relaxing. I’ll see a few other runners and some early commuters, but generally, the road is mine.  It’s so nice to start the day with some quiet time. I recently saw someone describe their morning run as the space between yesterday’s problems and today’s challenges, and I couldn’t agree more. I especially enjoy seeing the sunrise as I’m finishing my run.

It gets done. Pretty much the only thing that can get in the way of it not happening is if you don’t get out of bed.  In the evening, too much can get in the way.  I find I have a much higher probability of getting my workout in if I do it in the morning.

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You start your day with an accomplishment.  Having a run checked off before you make it into the office is a great way to boost yourself up going into the day. It’s a fantastic feeling, and one that generally puts me in a good mood.

It helps you make healthier choices throughout the day.  Studies have shown that when you start your day with a healthy choice, you’re more likely to make healthy choices the rest of your day.

It gets your body functions on a routine. I don’t have too many issues on race mornings because my body is used to being up, and doing what it needs to do, and doing it early.

It wakes you up.  On the mornings when I run, I don’t even need coffee (but I still treat myself to a cup mid morning because I love it). I am way more awake than if I don’t work out. The only exception to this is speedwork….that tends to take it out of me.

Reasons why you should become a morning runner

Mmmmm coffee

Family & social time.  One of the reasons I’ve continued with my morning runs even after finishing school is that it frees up my evenings for spending time with Brian.  I enjoy having dinner together and frankly, just relaxing.  We don’t get that many hours together a day and I’d hate to spend them running by myself (he’s not a runner).  Even if you’re single, having your evenings free is great…it allows you to do happy hours, dinners, etc.  Or hell….just relaxing on your couch!
So, have I convinced you to give morning running a go? Or, are you a morning runner already? Any reasons you would add to this list?

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  1. Hey Jess,
    You may already be aware of it, but a great book on the benefits of early morning exercise, meditation, etc. is “Morning Miracle” by Hal Elrod. It’s a short read but the book elaborates on many of the same benefits you’ve mentioned in your post.
    There’s a near magic to watching the sunrise everyday, especially after a great run. It’s like you have the world to yourself, near serenity, if only for a few minutes.
    And, while I know it’s not possible in the ATL, sitting on a beach after a great run, while watching the sunrise, well, there’s probably not a better way to start the day while almost everyone else sleeps.

    • Hey James! You’re right, not a lot of beaches here but a sunrise while the world sleeps….always fantastic!

  2. Wonderful post Jess! I love this quote, “A morning run as the space between yesterday’s problems and today’s challenges.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of these reasons (though I still drink lots of coffee even when I run in the morning 🙂 ) The days that I have to run AFTER work are such a challenge, mentally and physically (I think I have more energy at 5:30 in the morning than after working all day.)

    • Totally agree with the after work runs being a challenge!! To be fair, when I’m in the thick of training, I do drink a lot of coffee!!

  3. I am 100% for the morning run. If I wait until the evening there are a million and one reasons why I will try to not make it happen. I always say get out of bed and moving before your mind realizes what you are doing!

  4. I want to be a morning runner, I really do…. but I also start work pretty early (7am) and really don’t want to get up any earlier than I already do to fit in a run. How early do you run?

    I actually do like running in the evenings, so it’s not a motivational problem for me, although I do sometimes have other after work obligations that make it difficult to always stick to my schedule.

    • Hey San! It depends on the run and my schedule, but on a day where I go into the office I need to leave the house by 6:50. I usually get out to run by 5. I’ve got my post-workout routine down to 30 minutes! I’ll post some tips for streamlining that routine in a future post.

  5. I am the worst. I would have to wake up at 4:00 for morning runs and I just hate running in the dark, so they get pushed to after work. I really admire those of you who come into work already having your run done.

    • Yeah I don’t love running in the dark except that it’s quieter! I have a pretty good headlamp though!

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